Is Batman Cute (and Does He Lactate)?

Diana is a Batman fan, and I asked her why. What’s the appeal? Her simple answer: “He’s cute.”

But I didn’t press the issue. Which Batman, after all, does she have in mind? The comic book Batman? The Adam West Batman? The Michael Keaton Batman? The Val Kilmer Batman? The Christian Bale Batman? The Crispin Glover Batman? The Gnomie Batman? I don’t know. But do I want to know? Do you want to know?

For some reason lost to the minutes since broadcast, I mentioned that bats lactate, and then I extrapolated a conclusion that maybe Batman could feasibly lactate, too, which is probably something that nobody wants to know. (Though, to be fair, it might be a heck of a complement to a bowl of Count Chocula.)

Maybe I am Batman. Maybe I lease the Prius to detract from my kick-ass Batmobile that’s hiding in the Batcave under my Bathouse.

Or maybe I’m just bat$%&# crazy! Hee, hee!

Today, I threw down the gauntlet and presented our YouTube audience with the chance to get me to undertake the infamous cinammon challenge by “liking” the live TLDR 300 times. Did the community pick it up? Did I have to endure the humiliation of yet another sisyphean task to bribe delight my audience into actively participating? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta Open to Applications for 48 Hours

As the highly anticipated release of Guild Wars 2 inches ever closer, ArenaNet has decided to send the call out for beta testers interested in taking part in the largest project the company has ever undertaken. Guild Wars 2 originally started its closed beta in December of 2011. Since then, only a select few have been able to take part in the early phase of testing. But now, Guild Wars 2 closed beta is open to applications for 48 hours!

Five Programs Every Onsite Support Technician Should Have

Providing onsite technical support can be very challenging. Not only are you responsible for investigating and solving issues with a customer’s computer and/or network, but you have the added burden of dealing with their additional needs. Questions about usage habits, using various pieces of software, and other miscellaneous topics tend to stream out during a support call. So, how do you keep your time on site down without sacrificing the quality of your service? You could make up an excuse that you need parts and make an appointment for a later date, or you could pack a virtual toolbox of software that can help you get the job done right. Here are some suggestions we came up with thanks to the help of Gnomie Phil Horton.

How to Use Google+ Better

Why would you use Google+ worser when you could use Google+ betterer? If you’re new to Google+ and still finding your way around, here is some advice we’ve gleaned from other LockerGnome community members on how to not only use Google+, but how to use Google+ better.

Digital Currencies Part 1: Using Digital Currency to Increase Your Capital

Even if you think you know a lot about money and can give financial advice to others with wild abandon, is your own bank account a reflection of this good advice put to prudent use, or is it a desolate, cash-strapped wasteland? Maybe learning how to use digital currency can be your ticket out of the poorhouse. Here, we investigate how to use digital currency to increase your capital.

How to Opt out of Receiving the Yellow Pages

Hate getting the Yellow Pages? You’re not alone. A recent survey conducted on behalf of the online phone directory site confirmed that nearly 70% of adults in the US “rarely or never” use the phone book. Unfortunately, until recently, there have been limited methods to opt out of receiving your phone book; some cities, like Seattle, have allowed local residents to opt out of receiving local phone books, but most of the nation still receives the Yellow Pages regularly. Provided that it’s offered in your area, would you like to know how to opt out of receiving the Yellow Pages from here to eternity?

Top 10 Productivity iPhone Apps

One of the key tenets of remaining productive is to efficiently utilize your limited resources — especially time. Trying to hunt down 10 iPhone apps to be the most productive that you can be among hundreds (maybe thousands) of apps probably seems a bit… counterproductive, though. The good thing is that we hunted them down for you, so you don’t have to!

Is Batman Cute (and Does He Lactate)?

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