iTunes is Fine?

Am I the only one who hates iTunes? BenTarr should be tarred and feathered for saying that “iTunes is fine!” I’m going to have to disagree with him, even if he is a registered Gnomie. (Speaking of registered Gnomies, Kelly Ishikawa just joined the fold, and he’s offering fellow Gnomies the ability to script out a comic that he’ll turn around and illustrate. Cool, right?)

I guess that iTunes is fine if you’re also a fan of broken clocks, snoring hubbies, dialup Internet connections, exploding Ford Pintos, and dog poop.

And, like my not-so-beloved cadre of YouTube trolls, I’m not even going to justify my dislike for iTunes. But to my credit, I think iTunes does a good job of exclaiming its own demerits. Just use it for a few days and you’ll find out. Then again, you could just save yourself the heartburn and headaches and avoid it altogether. You do what you think is right!

But I hurt myself by the simple act of sleeping and rogue nose hairs are ruining my day, so what do I know? Following my advice may be hazardous to your health (or, at least, sanity). Apply sparingly! Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

How to Start Your Very Own License Plate Collection

Ever marvel over the stories a good license plate collection could tell if only it had the power of speech? As it lacks this ability, you just have to use the power of imagination. License plate collector Dan Czarnecki of Milwaukee, Wisconsin gives us his tips for how to start your very own license plate collection so your treasure trove of imagined stories can prosper!

Top Five Sites for Coordinating Events

With almost one billion users on Facebook and nearly 400 million Twitter users, it’s likely that most of your friends, clients, or fans are using social media in some capacity. While there is still something to be said for sending out hand-written invitations to certain events (you don’t see many wedding invitations on Facebook, after all), inviting people to events online is a great way to instantly receive RSVPs, as well as coordinate ticket sales if your event requires a paid ticket. Several popular sites have emerged to help coordinate invites, RSVPs, tickets, and the event check-in process, which not only eliminates the paper (which is great for those companies “going green”), but saves the hassle of coordinating these processes on your own. Here are five of our favorite sites for coordinating events.

Is It Time For a ‘Do Not Text’ Registry?

Since 2008, the federal government has had a “do not call” list, available to those of us who live in the United States of America, wherein we have the ability to opt out of spam phone calls from telemarketers. Unfortunately, current laws don’t address the issue of text spam that makes it to our cellphones, so maybe it’s high time for a “do not text” registry!

How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Life Using Social Media

Are you a professional or college student about to graduate who also uses social media on a personal level? If so, you’re undoubtedly likely aware of the fact that employers are searching for information about both your professional and personal background through your presence on social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog, and even what is publicly available on Facebook. Unless you have created multiple profiles, you likely use one profile on each social network to represent yourself — perhaps even associating your profiles with your full, real name. Clearly, knowing how to balance your personal and professional life using social media would be of great benefit, no?

Will the Windows 8 RSS Reader Change the Way You Experience News?

RSS feeds are great for those of us who attempt to digest the vast stores of knowledge that are shared on the Internet every single day. Microsoft has taken a bold approach in support of the RSS movement with a Windows 8 Metro app simply called “News.” This app searches for active RSS feeds on a given site and gives you the opportunity to subscribe to them, making them viewable from within News on the Metro interface. This support of RSS baked right in to the operating system is a very big step for Microsoft. With the majority of the consumer market still on Windows, could the Windows 8 RSS Reader change the way we experience news?

Top 10 Gaming iPhone Apps

Gaming on the iPhone is growing rapidly and, as it does, so do the games available for the device. Games can range from intense action thrillers to simple puzzle games that help pass the time. By now, we all know the most popular game for the iPhone is Angry Birds. I cannot lie that the knock-them-down bird game is highly addicting. It’s one of the must-have games for the iPhone and, by now, if you own an iPhone, you probably have it. Here, we not only go over the most popular of gaming iPhone apps, but some of the more obscure (but equally addicting) apps available.

iTunes is Fine?

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