Barry Manilow Rumored to Be Junk

Hey! What do you know? We made it all the way to Friday.

After a week like this, making it to the end is an accomplishment. Friday is the summit of Everest, the lunar surface, and the bottom of the Mariana Trench all in one; just making it here is the culmination of an exhausting, but ultimately rewarding, journey. And a lot of you joined me for it, and for that, I am grateful. I couldn’t have made it here without you.

There are so many things I could do this weekend. I could assemble one of many LEGO sets that await my obsessive attention. I could finally compose that album of Barry Manilow covers on my Tenori-on that I’ve been threatening to do for a while. I could sail around Puget Sound in a replica of a Ming Dynasty junk. I could crash a random company picnic and win a three-legged race with Diana as my partner and seize the prize before anyone realized that I’m not that guy from accounting who nobody’s ever seen in daylight. It’s a couple of days pregnant with possibility! Oops. Did I say pregnant? Well, I think I just heard the rumor mill squeaking to life from here. I’m sure the Gnomies will regulate and set things straight. Forsooth.

Will the weekend ahead fulfill any big plans or goals that you might have, or are you just going to kick back and take some well-deserved rest and relaxation? In either case, make it count! I know I will.

Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

Tax Tips for 2012

Tax season is overwhelming for most and often people throw up their arms at the prospect of gathering all their receipts to properly record and itemize each expense. Many opt to turn in a half-baked tax return rather than spend days or weeks itemizing their tax returns. As a result many people receive greatly-reduced tax returns — or even worse, end up owing the I.R.S. because they failed to keep their finances organized throughout the year. It’s not too late to get your records in order for the April 15th tax deadline, though. Here are some tax tips, including software that may help you get your financial documents in order for the day you’ll be filling out that dreaded 1040 form.

Is Social Dating the Hot New Way to Find Your Next Hot Date?

Online dating has become mainstream, and so has social networking. In a recent white paper published by Courtland Brooks, “What is Social Dating?”, there are currently over 1500 online dating sites in the United States alone with roughly 25 million unique visitors per month. At the same time, Facebook now has almost 1 billion users. At the intersection of these two unique services are sites that are referred to as social dating.

How to Control Your Emotions Online

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but when someone says something mean to you on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, it can hurt nearly just as much. You’ve undoubtedly heard the awful, sad stories about teenagers who have committed suicide after being cyber-bullied by peers and even other adults. For these youth, mean, rude and harsh comments left on their social media profiles left them unable to control their emotions – and were likely a result of another person unable to control their emotions, too. So how can you control your emotions online?

Smartphone and Text Messages Being Used in Divorce Court

Emails and text messages introduced in our age of technological advances have introduced additional ways to spread our anger and hate. However, what people who are in the process of a divorce may not be aware of is that these new means of communications are now admissible, as evidence, in divorce court. New findings show that evidence taken from smart phones not only increased but also that the use of text messages as evidence has also increased by 94%.

Is Metro Good for Desktops?

We’ve been taking a close look at Windows 8 over the past several weeks, and one feature in particular seems to be getting all the press. The Metro interface, arguably the most significant change to Windows since the launch of Windows 95, appears to be either a love it or hate it feature. But what exactly is Metro – and is it good for desktop computers?

Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard Giveaway

Recently, we had the opportunity to test the Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard, one of the latest accessories from Lenovo. Essentially, the Lenovo remote acts as a handheld multimedia keyboard with a built-in mouse. It’s small enough to keep on your couch’s armrest, and features a wireless range of 30ft. Would you like one for yourself? We’re giving one away. See the article for details.

Barry Manilow Rumored to Be Junk

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