Snellipg, Lkie Puncttaliuy, Cnuots

Reeembmr this buogs sdtuy from yares ago that was aellgldey done at the emteesed Camrbigde Uiivresnty?

“The paaonmnehl poewr of the hmaun mind, aoccdrnig to a rhcseearch at Cmdbrigae Uenirvtisy, it deson’t mttaer in what oderr the lttrees in a word are, t he only ipomratnt tnhig is that the fsirt and last lteter be in the rgh it plcae. The rest can be a ttoal mess and you can sltil read it woutiht a poreblm. This is bcusaee the haumn mind does not read eevry lteter by itslef, but the word as a whole. Aizanmg huh? yeah and I alwyas tghuoht slpileng was itmoranpt! if you can read this pass it on!”

Eevn thoguh tihs “rescareh” has been debknued by mnay oevr the psat dceade or so, and its ofifcial stauts as deelarcd by the vbneraele Snepos is “undeteeminrd,” it deos riase smoe ineertsting iedas. But I wolud ciutaon anyone who mhgit jmup to use tihs “sicentific” eaplxnation to escuxe tiehr own lcak of siellpng slikls. You don’t eevn hvae to brnig out the doctiinary taht’s as big as a cfofee tlbae to correct yuor own errors, amynore — yuor comtuper wlil do all the wrok for you! Need to konw how somenhitg’s seplled? It corrtlaees wtih the wlohe “Goolge it!” cmomand we’re gevin tsehe dyas shluod we cohose to drae and ask actaul quesitons of oehtr ppoele on the Internet!

I wolud certailny except mroe form our Gnoimes comumnity, in any csae!

Thnak you to Jsoh Niomy for craeting The Cagbridme Sduty Wrod Scramelbr taht mdae tihs idtronuction pssoible. I’d entexd my wsih taht he lievs lnog and prorpess, but he’s pbobarly had it up to hree wtih the Scopk joeks, alerady.

Anyway, back to our regularly ordered language! Here are some of the things on and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

Does Game Booster 3 Work?

Nothing is more frustrating to a gamer than hitting a sudden and severe patch of lag while attempting to gun down your foes, rescue the princess, or do just about anything in a game. Low frame rates, unresponsive controls, and muddy gameplay can ruin a player’s experience. If you take part in ladder matches and online tournaments, having your PC perform poorly is never an option. You need the smoothest gameplay possible from the time you boot up your machine to the moment you log out at the end of the game. Enter Game Booster 3, the fee performance-optimizing program from IObit.

How To Update All Of Your Social Networks At Once

Can’t keep up with your social media life life? If you’re overwhelmed by balancing your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social network profiles, you may be exhausted by updating each of your social networks individually – especially if you post the same content to every social network. While high profile social media users and brands tend to find that different content performs better on different social networks – primarily because each has a very different type of audience – you probably don’t have a varying type of “fan” base, and instead just several friends and family members who want to keep in touch with you using their own choice of social media network. In this case, posting the same content to all of your social networks make sense – and as a result, you may want to save time and energy by finding a way to update all of your social networks at once.

How to Make Free Phone Calls To the US and Canada on iOS and Android

If you’ve taken a look at Web-based phone options, you’ve probably heard of Vonage. Vonage has been a leader in the world of VOIP (Voice Over IP) telecommunications for years, and now they’re making giant strides forward in the world of smartphones. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, you’re you will definitely want to take a look at what Vonage has done now.

How to Make Multi-Cam Video Editing Easier with a Plugin

Editing video projects with multiple camera angles can be a real pain. Not only is it difficult to sync the clips up so they match, but you basically have to watch the video many times over to determine the best shots to keep. Perhaps you’re not using multiple video clips, but have an external audio source that you prefer over the one captured by the camera. How do you sync these up perfectly without spending hours in the studio attempting to do so?

5 iPhone Apps to Update Now

If you’re an iPhone owner like me, you likely have quite a few apps on your phone. While the average iPhone user has somewhere around 65 apps according to TechCrunch, these apps are constantly being tweaked and fine-tuned by their developers. While Android users can opt to have many of their apps automatically updated, Apple requires users to manually update each and every one of their apps each time a new version is released by browsing the list of apps with updates in the App Store. Currently, over 40 of my apps are in need of an update, and unless you’re constantly checking for and installing updates, you may need to update several of your iPhone apps as well. Here’s a look at five of the most popular iPhone apps that have recently been updated that you should consider updating now to get the most out of your favorite apps on your iPhone.

Snellipg, Lkie Puncttaliuy, Cnuots

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Thanks to Heiss & Fettig for writing up a whole bunch of stuff in German about the dangers of Google that I was able to translate into English… from Google. In their post, they examine what they feel are alarming trends at the search giant, and kindly point to Kelly Clay’s article at LockerGnome about what it’s really like to work at Google. If you’d like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it!

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  1. How did you write the first part of this entry?  Did you do it manually on your own by just making up the different spellings of the words, did you do it some other way.  It is amazing what the mind can do even when the words are not spelled right.  It almost looks like Middle English.  Thanks!

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