Who Thinks Three-Day Weekends Should Happen Every Week?

Please don’t take it personally when I say that I wish the weekends could be just a tiny bit longer. I’m always happy to be here, and my energy level usually fluctuates somewhere between that of a truckload of frijoles saltarines and a couple of puppies just before feeding time (not that I’ve got any particular pair of puppies in mind, of course). Still, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Monday can be a bit of a buzzkill.

Until I have that first bucket cup of coffee — then I’m fine.

But I sure could have used more of a break after the hectic week past. If you were around for the TLDR last Friday, you’ll remember that I was a bit winded after literally running to my home studio from the car. I’d been interviewed by Fox Business News, and wound up arriving to broadcast TLDR about an hour and half late! I know, I know. I felt bad about it, and apologized profusely. But on top of that, there was the infamous Five-Minute YouTube Bug that delayed broadcast by — you guessed it — an additional five minutes for my patiently waiting viewers. If you were among them, remember that you can always go see what you missed when the full episode is processed and archived for posterity (usually a few hours after the live broadcast).

But it’s all good. I appreciate each and every one of you who come along on this journey with me (especially those who have taken the next step in joining our dedicated Gnomies community), and I hope to spend years and years of Mondays with you going forward. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here are some of the things on LockerGnome.com and in our live YouTube stream that we chatted about today.

How to Remove Google Plus Circles from Google Talk

Google+ has changed the way Google services mix and interact in a big way. With the upcoming change to Google’s privacy policy essentially combining every Google service under one umbrella of terms, it’s clear that Google’s long-term intentions are to intermix various services as much as possible. One side effect of this integration can be found on Google Talk. My Google Talk account is a central hub for my daily business communications, allowing me to keep in touch with other members of a team as we coordinate our daily tasks. Sadly, my Adium buddy list took a dramatic turn when Google combined Google+ circles with your Google Talk buddy list. What was a group of twelve individuals quickly turned in to a mass of hundreds, many of whom I circled because of recommendations other people on Google+ had given. But there an easy way to split your Google+ and Google Talk friends list.

Why Brands Should Use Google+

In the summer of 2011, Google launched its latest attempt at social networking, following the failures of Google Buzz, Google Wave, Orkut, and Jaiku – just to name a few. While Google+ has picked up a few million users, brands have been hesitant to adopt profiles on the social network as popular interest in Google+ is still lacking. To add to this hesitation, some super-savvy brands initially created profiles when Google+ first launched, only to be kicked off the network as Google told these brands – including the likes of Ford and news outlets such as Mashable – that it was intended for people only. Ford, however, was invited to test the development of brand pages, which officially launched in November, 2011. The result? A profile that looks and functions almost identical to profiles that people use, with the exception that brand pages are verified and identified with a square. Scott Monty, Head of social media at Ford Motor Company, explains why Ford decided to integrate Google+ into their social media strategy, and why other brands should consider doing the same.

5 Social Networks That Are Making a Comeback

Justin Timberlake is bringing something back, and while it’s not a Grammy Award-winning song from 2007, it’s something equally reminiscent of that same year. As Ashton Kutcher has been busy investing in new startups like Zaarly, Hipmunk, Airbnb and Square, Justin Timberlake is hoping to leverage his fame (and fortune) to bring back one of the predecessors of social networking; MySpace. Not to be left in the dust, other social networks, including Friendster, Delicious, LiveJournal and Google+ are also staging a comeback. With the exception of Google+, many of these networks have been around for almost a decade. Here’s a look at why these 5 social networks are ready to call it a comeback.

Remote Controls Aren’t Just for Televisions Anymore

When someone mentions remote controls, the image that may pop into your head is that of a single device with a bunch of buttons on it that controls your TV, VCR, DVD Player, Blu-Ray, or even your set top box. But, as more people are plugging full-fledged PCs into their living room televisions, the need for more advanced controls is clear. In many cases, users rely on a wireless keyboard and mouse to interact with a multimedia PC. This allows them the freedom to browse the Web, check email, and control the various media playback functions of the system. But, did you know that there are handheld remote controls that come complete with a keyboard and mouse built right in?

Recommended W3 Total Cache Settings for WordPress

Here’s a screencast to help you properly configure W3 Total Cache, recorded by Craighton Miller (a fellow Gnomie.)

Internet Entrepreneur Ideas, Frustrations, Questions

We promise to do regular Google+ Hangout Broadcasts with registered Gnomies on a regular basis, but we’re aiming to do them at least once a week. They seem to work better if we have a topic to discuss. This week, I suggested the topic of “Internet Entrepreneurship” beforehand – and that seemed to work well enough. I was expecting a lot more interaction than we had, but I think everybody was happier to listen to me talk about “things” for almost two hours straight. The intelligence shared should help convince people who aren’t Gnomies to join the club and future hangouts.

Getting Started with Google Plus

You might be wondering if I hold back on information now that we’ve made this Gnomies subscription service available. No, I still share a lot of information openly – so even if you find a value in the free stuff we provide, joining Gnomies is like rewarding our team for good behavior. My dad is also a Gnomie – and he asked me how to get on Google+ last week, so I opted to record the initial session today and upload it to our YouTube channel. If you’re just getting started with Google’s social network, you owe it to yourself to watch my top level “getting started” tips.

How to Grow Your Business on Google+

So, Google+ doesn’t seem to be going anywhere (but up). While you may not be engaged on the platform, there are millions who are – and think about how many people use Google to search the Internet every day. I used SEO Los Angeles to help me. The two will become increasingly intertwined. It’s time to get your business going on Google+ (and you don’t have to figure it out on your own).

Who Thinks Three-Day Weekends Should Happen Every Week?

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  1. I was an early adopter with myspace, and still love that platform. Sadly, like Kodak, it’s had it’s moment.

  2. Your Google+ articles will be a big sell for a new client of mine (I hope). Ford plays it smart. As for W3 Total Cache, I get an error about not being able to write to .htaccess and that’s not the case. I see reports of this all over the internet yet no solution. Until I find it, the plugin is useless to me, and I’ve already wasted all kinds of time looking. Thanks for the great resources, Chris!

  3. Sorry to confuse, Matt. I made it writable only long enough to see if the error would disappear and immediately revoked that permission when it didn’t. Thanks for the support link and the suggestion for Hypercache. I’ll throw ’em both against the wall and see what sticks.

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