Google Me All Night Long or Bing Me (But Don’t You Dare iTouch Me)!

There’s no such thing as an iTouch (at least not as a device that’s made by Apple or for family friendly purposes, I’m guessing)! For that matter, there’s no such thing as an iPod Touch. iPod touch (note the lowercase “t”) is the official Apple designation for the product. If people are going to be up in arms about one misnomer, they may as well be up in arms about the other, after all.

We don’t play favorites. Well, unless you look toward our beloved Gnomies community — in which case, yes, we do kind of play favorites when it comes to registered Gnomies. But don’t think for a second that we’ve forsaken our overall LockerGnome community. We’re still doing TLDR every weekday at 3 p.m. (Pacific), and you don’t have to pay a dime to participate. That being said, if you want to see the many, many benefits of becoming a registered Gnomie, come visit and see!

Mom and Dad Pirillo stopped by to say hello and, of course, we covered a whole bunch of other topics on and in our live YouTube stream today.

Four Unique Ways to Use Pinterest

You’ve likely heard about Pinterest by now; it’s the hot new social bookmarking service that allows users to curate interesting content they find anywhere on the Internet by “pinning” the content to their profile on Pinterest. Here are four unique ways you can use Pinterest beyond pinning — and pining — after your dream vacation and/or wedding.

How to Find Key Influencers

Most traditional marketing teams know that promoting a product or generating buzz about a business requires more than just advertising. Marketing teams know they must attract the dedicated attention of key clients, customers, and fans who can spread positive awareness about their products. Some companies call these people evangelists, but many social media marketing teams refer to these consumers as “influencers.” Often, influencers have a strong following on Twitter, thousands of Facebook friends and fans, and also often have a blog with a large readership. As a social media manager, knowing how to find key influencers is critical in helping generate awareness for specific social media campaigns for an established company, or even to build buzz about a new business.

Secret Tips from the LEGO Pros

The world of LEGO has exploded over the past few years as kids (and adults) rediscover the art of assembling bricks to create a multitude of things including miniatures, mechanical devices, mosaic, and sculptures that spark the imagination. These little colored bricks have been around for generations, and it’s no surprise that parents are getting their kids into the fun. I still find myself in awe during my monthly visits to the LEGO store, surrounded by bricks and boxes that can be used to build a seemingly endless amount of things. So what about those of us who have built a few sets and have a bin filled with colored bricks? How can we take our experience to the next level, and really put our imagination to work? Here are some secret tips from the LEGO pros!

How to Change Your Windows Experience Index Rating

The Windows Experience Index (WEI) rating is one of the biggest tools used by PC retailers to show off the capabilities of computers sitting on the showroom floor. These numbers can look very impressive, especially when you begin to compare the score to similar systems in the store. Unfortunately, this tool can also be used by more crafty and less genuine sorts that want to sell a mediocre build to an unsuspecting customer. Did you know that the WEI score can be falsely applied to virtually any computer running Windows 7? All it takes is administrator access, Notepad, and a minute of your time.

Tech for the Clumsy and Accident Prone

Being a clumsy oaf comes with its own need for awareness of the surrounding world and its potential dangers. But there’s no need to enter the fray unarmed — technology is here to save the day! Here are some ways that tech can assist the clumsy and accident prone in navigating the hazards of a very sharp and pointy world.

 All Night Long or Bing Me (But Don't You Dare iTouch Me)!

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