Nerd Rage F-Bomb Squad Vs. Those Comcast #$*[email protected]!%

Have you ever gotten ticked off at Comcast? Have you ever wanted to see me curse up a storm? This is the TLDR you won’t want to miss! Here’s what we were talking about on and in our live YouTube stream today.

White Space Wi-Fi Coming to Wilmington, NC
The Federal Communication Commission [FCC] , which is currently headed by Chairman Genachowsk, has announced that the television “white spaces” will be open for Wi-Fi transmissions. While this might prove an advantage for those seeking additional Wi-Fi signals, television stations are increasingly alarmed that interference with these so-called white spaces could interfere with their television transmission signals. A test run in Wilmington, NC should clear up the matter once and for all…

Can New iPhone and Android App Savvy Help You Save Money?
Savvy, built by, is an app for both Android and iOS that is designed to eliminate the common problem of post-purchase price reductions by indexing the price adjustment policies for dozens of popular stores and notifying consumers via email of any potential savings. Can this kind of thing help you save money?

Top Five iPad Apps for Comic Lovers
Were you (or are you) the kind of kid who would blow an entire week’s allowance on one trip to the comic book store? Well, even the beloved comic book has grown along with the world of technology, and is now available for reading on your smartphone, e-reader, or iPad. Downloading these pulpy batches of goodness directly saves your bike tires some extra wear and tear since you don’t have to ride back and forth to the comic store anymore…

Three Apps to Enhance Your iPhone Voicemail
Voicemail is a great way to establish your personality, ensure that your friends and family know about your new business, or redirect clients to your assistant or other forms of communication in the event that you are on vacation or just away from the office. But what if your family doesn’t care about your business or already knows that you are on vacation? Several apps for the iPhone can enhance your iPhone voicemail features, allowing you to create customized voicemail greetings for anyone in your contact list, as well as dictate transcriptions of voicemails that your contacts leave for you and then send them to you via email.

Nerd Rage F-Bomb Squad Vs. Those Comcast #$*?@!%Does Gaming Cause Depression?
You depressed, bro? A recent study out of Victoria University in Australia is reported to have found a link between increased levels of anxiety and gaming. The media swarm around this story appears, on the surface, to be largely interested in the depressive influence gaming has on young adults. The findings themselves are still preliminary, and the research itself continues even now. Read Matt Ryan’s post about the issue and find out how you can take part in the current round of research.

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  1. Due to the monopoly on internet services, they don’t give a rats ass about you not having internet.
    Feel free to join the others that feel the same way, but who is worse than Comcast is Gateway…

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