YouTube Goofs Again

Often, YouTube doesn’t start showing you our live feed until five minutes into the program. And other days (like today), it takes much longer. If you’re trying to tune in to TLDR on YouTube and you get nothing but refresh delays and error messages, you can always find us at Anyway, TLDR TGIF! Here’s what we were talking about on and in our live YouTube stream (well, trying to, anyway) today.

Free Resources and Tools to Improve Your Blog
Creating and maintaining a professional blog can be a lot of work. Often, bloggers are faced with having to do everything themselves from research, content creation, image gathering, and even editing. Maintaining a professional blog means having to keep in mind all the legal details surrounding any commercial site while building a rapport and reputation with your audience as being a reliable source of information. To help with this noble endeavor, here are some free resources and tools to improve your blog.

Get Paid to Exercise with Gym-Pact
It’s the first week of 2012, and if you’re like millions of other Americans who made a fitness-related resolution for the new year, you likely also just signed up for a new gym membership. You may have good intentions and may also be highly motivated at this moment (especially after consuming high quantities of food during the holidays). But what will be your incentive to continue working out regularly — especially once you realize that you have a very busy schedule and constant social obligations? Gym-Pact is an app and service that is trying to use the idea of “gamefication” to encourage you to do the right thing.

Enhance Any Video Project with Adorage Effects Package 13
At LockerGnome we take a fairly punk rock approach to videos. We largely avoid title effects in video. We rarely use effects and transitions; if you’re lucky we might perform some jump-cut edits. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate video editing and effects. There are many videos that benefit greatly when effects are applied or image enhancement technologies are used. Whatever your angle, Adorage Effects Package 13 helps you turn the ideas you have in mind into videos that you can share with others.

Five Changes That Would Make Windows Better
In the world of operating systems, simplicity is key. It was this simplicity that brought Microsoft out of the slump it fell into with Windows Vista, arguably the most complex version of Windows to date. The Metro interface is designed with simplicity in mind. The ball is in Microsoft’s court whether or not users will be forced to live predominantly in the more complex Aero world or Metro. We’re anxious to see how this plays out as the Windows 8 grows closer to a release candidate, and suggest these five changes that would make Windows a better operating system.

Five Signs You Might Be a Tech Addict
We’re not here to say that consistently buying gadgets, apps, and other tech-related products impulsively is a problem — many fashionistas and DIY types make similar shopping decisions. However, if you tend to purchase tech products without really needing them or ever using them, and to the detriment of your finances or your budget, you might consider whether your problem is really an addiction to technology. In this case, you might be a tech addict if…

YouTube Goofs AgainFive Interesting Alternatives to Traditional Bank Accounts
It seems that every day we hear about one bank or another being either at the brink of failure or otherwise riddled with controversy. For years now, the ongoing topic of debate over the American economy has centered around the role of a few central banks with corporate management in the crosshairs of conspiracy theorists and legal analysts alike. But what are your alternatives? How do you avoid a traditional checking/savings account that could be subject to a wide range of fees? Here are some ideas.

11/22/63: The Stephen King Novel for Science Fiction Fans
If you’re a Stephen King fan, you probably have an idea of what to expect when he comes out with a new novel. If you’re not a Stephen King fan, you probably have an idea of what to expect when he comes out with a new novel. He’s a horror author. We get it! And while he has extended his reach into a few other genres over the years, Stephen King’s latest effort, 11/22/63 is — according to him — the one that required the most research he’s ever devoted to a project. Why? Well, the title might be a clue; this isn’t King’s typical horror fare. Alternative history and science fiction fans are in for a treat, though…

Back Link of the Day
Thanks to jknproductions1212 for writing about Matt Ryan’s search for extra-terrestrial life. (Efforts still continue for evidence of intelligent terrestrial life, but we take what we can get!) If you’d like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it!

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