Chris Pirillo is Totally Pregnant

If you’re going to start a rumor out of thin air, why make it a small rumor? As they say, “Go big or go home.” This just in: I’m pregnant. Here’s what else we were talking about on and in our live YouTube stream today.

Unintended Consequences of Tutoring Seniors
The Law of Unintended Consequences is something most people who deal with computers and technology come up against at some point or another. But what happens when it applies to moral decisions?

Top Five Reasons to Go to the Movies
Sure, you can pretty much watch any movie on demand from some source or another (legal or otherwise) in the privacy of your own home these days. But if you’ve completely eliminated the traditional movie theater from your roster of things to do when you leave the house, you’re missing out on what separates films from television shows: their larger-than-lifeness. What other reasons could you have for going if that’s not enough of a selling point? Here are a few…

Can Home Office Ergonomics Make You More Comfortable?
When you sit in a chair in front of your computer all day long, do you make sure that your body isn’t getting twisted into a shape only ideal for ringing bells in a dusty cathedral tower for the rest of your days? While it may be tough to maintain good posture in such a position, why not make sure your furniture is working to nurture good habits instead of exacerbating bad ones? Ergonomic power!

Why Minimalism is My New Year’s Resolution
When not applied to lip-locking, you might see the letters K.I.S.S. being used to convey the idea to “keep it simple, stupid.” As human beings — especially human beings who love to check out every new gadget and device that hits the market — we often get sidetracked from our long-term goals because we’re distracted by the new and shiny. Being aware of this tendency and trying to pare down and simplify our lives may take more effort for some than others, but can it help magnify our appreciation for what we have rather than make us pine for what we have not?

What is the Cheapest Way to Install Your iPhone into Your Car Stereo?
Does your car still have a cassette deck? How about a CD player? If you’ve got an iPhone, there’s no reason to settle for substandard and obsolete media — you can use it in combination with quite a few apps as a music player, after all. But how do you get the darned thing to “talk” to your car’s stereo so you can hear it? There are a number of ways…

There should be an image here!Is Uber Really a Good Alternative to Taxis?
Uber is a private car service that works in a few major metropolitan areas (and it’s expanding all the time). It’s like having the convenience of a taxi, but the style of your own chauffeur. It’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely got a growing fan base. Would you use a service like Uber, or are you content to hail a cab when you need to get from one place to another?

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