Need to Run Windows on Your Mac? Parallels Has Got Your Back

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Parallels. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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So you’ve got a Mac, and you love it. OS X is pretty, it’s functional, and in spite of the ribbing you might get from your more Windows-centric friends, it’s the system that you happen to prefer. But sometimes, because of its popularity with the rest of the world (those savages!), you still find that you need to use Microsoft Windows for any number of reasons. Maybe you’ve got software from the time before you made the switch that you don’t want to buy all over again. Perhaps you want to check out a new game or application that’s been put out, but it’s got a blasted “Runs on Windows — OS X Coming Soon!” sticker prominently displayed on the box. Or maybe those aforementioned Windows-centric friends keep sending you files that require their operating system of choice.

So you can roll your eyes, curse through your teeth, and make the costly choice of buying a new PC to take up more precious space in your home office, or you can simply get a nifty little thing called Parallels that will allow you to run Windows on your operating system of choice.

It is nice to have such choices, right?

And Parallels won’t confine you to making the choice of running Windows on your Mac. It’ll also allow you to run Linux, Google Chrome OS, and/or several other operating systems on your Mac if you so desire. How’s that for having choices?

Here are just some of the other benefits you might want to consider when weighing the buy a new PC vs. run Parallels on your Mac dilemma.

  • Parallels allows you to enjoy Windows without the risk of ruining your system with malware and other vicious online-contracted critters that exist only to mess up (or steal) your data and thrive on your tears.
  • Parallels allows you to install Windows and all of its drivers without having to deal with oodles of OEM junkware and half-trial crud.
  • Parallels allows you to easily “boot” between multiple installations, and even different versions of Windows.
  • If you frequently need to use both Windows and OS X and you travel a lot, it’s sure nice to only have to bring one computer equipped with Parallels along for the ride instead of two (especially if your airline charges for extra baggage).
  • Parallels allows you to use OS X functions like Full Screen, Launch Pad, and Mission Control with your Windows programs.

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Need to Run Windows on Your Mac? Parallels Has Got Your Back