Gingerbread Soda and Open Source Fatigue

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Five Great Resources for Bloggers

It’s been proven time and time again: Anyone can be a blogger. But if you want to be a good blogger, it’s important to be consistent and present your own unique views about the news of the day rather than parrot what others have already said. Once you’ve got this basic idea down, it’s time to get the world to notice what you’ve got to say. Here are five great resources that should help you get the word out.

An E-book (Almost) Rant

With e-book readers and tablet computers becoming ever more commonplace, the role of the library could be greatly enhanced — but clunky copyright laws seem to be holding back the possibility of progress. How can we better facilitate the lending of digital literature in the 21st century to better serve readers without hurting authors and publishers?

How to Avoid Fatigue While Blogging

Even if you’re sitting on your butt all day, blogging can be a pretty mentally — and even physically — exhausting process. Aside from the usual “make sure to take breaks” advice, how else can you avoid fatigue when blogging or spending ridiculous amounts of time on your computer?

Will webOS Benefit from an Open Source Copyright?

When the HP TouchPad was discontinued and sold off at a bargain basement price, it seemed like the fate of webOS was going to sink along with that particular ship. But HP has announced that it will be releasing webOS under an open source license, which at first glance seems like the best chance at a reprieve for which this mobile operating system — and its fans — could have hoped. But what complications might result from such an arrangement that could very well send its chances of survival back into the abyss?

Why Military Surplus Stores are Great for Geeks

If you’ve never been to a military surplus store, you may have a vague idea of it being a shady hangout for paranoid survivalists and fringe militia groups. While you may very well encounter this element there, you’re just as likely to run into creeps and weirdos at the 7-11 or Denny’s. (They’re everywhere, man! Everywhere!) What you’re definitely going to find, however, is good, well-made merchandise at flea market prices. From garments to tools to footwear built to last, military surplus stores can cover many of a frugal geek’s needs.

How to Be a Successful Blogger

If you’re a regular blogger, you probably have a reason for doing what you do. For most, it’s a labor of love that is more rewarding on a psychological level and fulfilling by fostering a community than something that pays all of the bills. But whatever it is that keeps you blogging, do you consider your efforts to be a success? If so, how so?

Gingerbread Soda and Open Source FatiguePirate Puzzle Decoded

Last week, Sherman DeForest posed an interesting puzzle that involved pirates and division of booty. While this may conjure up images of Rick James in a tricorn (or maybe that’s just me), many of you brought up some interesting ways to solve the problem. Here’s the “official” solution, and a look at some of the more creatively outside the box conclusions devised by LockerGnome readers.

New Twitter Tricks, and Old Problems Fixed

If you were just getting used to that new Twitter smell, you should prepare that nose for some more sniffing. With the introduction of the new new Twitter, there are some shortcuts and features designed to make your tweeting life just that much simpler. Check ’em out!

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