iPad, Podcasting, Google Music, and Crazy Dancing

Does Google Music have what it takes to take on Amazon and iTunes? Is your video or podcast series in need of a reboot? And do you know how to protect your iPad from a 1,300 foot drop?

How to Protect Your iPad or Kindle from Drops of Up to 1,300 Feet

The folks at G-Form are crazy. The heavy-duty cases that they make for iPads and Kindles can take ridiculous amounts of abuse. They’ve demonstrated the cases’ durability by dropping bowling balls on them and throwing them out of cars going over 100 miles per hour.

Now, the daredevils at G-Form are jumping out of airplanes to prove that G-Form protected iPads can survive drops from 1,300 feet.

At LockerGnome.com, Bob Fogarty talks about why this is impressive no matter how many dislikes and stupid comments people leave under G-Form’s video on YouTube.

When and How to Change Your Podcast Format

As you’ve doubtless noticed, we’ve changed the format around these parts.

Some of you like it, and some of you hate it. (Then again, some of you think that the moon landings were fake, and some of you think that Steve Urkel shot JFK.)

If you make YouTube videos or podcasts, sometimes you’ve just got to reboot the whole stinkin’ thing to keep it fresh. At LockerGnome.com, Matt Ryan talks about how you can do this — even when your audience resists change.

Google Music Leaves Beta – How Does It Compare to iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody?

Google Music is finally out of beta. With all of the other music services out there like iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody, what can Google Music offer that makes it so special?

Our friend Eddie Ringle offers his comparisons between these music services in his guest post at LockerGnome.com.

If you can write well and can submit 1,000 word articles as a guest blogger, we’d love to share your submission.

Neat Thing of the Day

How many microphones do I own? As of today, one more.

What you might see near my neckline… other than a self-induced hickey… is Audio Technica’s ATR-3350. It’s a wired lavalier — or ‘lav’ for short — that we hope to start using in some of the videos we do for you.

It’s an omnidirectional condenser, for those who are wondering, with -54 decibel sensitivity.

It might be too sensitive, though. I think I made it cry earlier. Actually, it was me who cried when I pinched my neck instead of the hoodie.

Blog Comment of the Day

In response to Education and Technology: Can They Coexist? Mtjohnson writes:

“I am a high school teacher and LOVE new technology. My biggest concern is for the immature student who is on Facebook or playing games instead of paying attention in class.”

Whew! Good thing I’m an adult.

Back Link of the Day

Louis of California Sun was nice enough to share our last episode of TLDR with the world from the privacy of his own secret lair.

Thanks, Louis! Be sure to hydrate often and use the shade of those palm trees you’ve got all over the place down there. Even the California sun can be deadly.

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Question of the Day

ryebread761 writes:

“I have four Apple stickers laying around: two big and two small. Do you have any good ideas for places to put them? Where do you put yours? I am not going to put them in the bin, so stop saying that.”

What about putting ’em on your friend’s laptop PC? Even better: Put ’em on his screen and tell him it’s a new virus. Just don’t expect he’ll stay your friend for much longer.

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This Day in Geek History

The movie Star Trek: Generations came out 17 years ago today. It was the seventh movie in the franchise, and the one where the torch was officially handed from the classic Enterprise crew to the next generation. Theaters were trashed on opening night when rabid fans of Kirk and Picard clashed in the aisles. They threw popcorn and cursed at one another in Klingon. The absence of logic to this riotous display was largely attributed at the time to the film being, sadly, Spockless.

Weren’t we all hoping to see Data and Spock facing off in a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots championship?

YouTube Comment of the Day

In response to yesterday’s TLDR, Iceforfree writes:

“You are insane. Please don’t change that!”

Ah, but am I criminally insane?

Gnomie of the Day

Our Gnomie of the Day is David DiFranco, for having my girlfriend Diana wake me up to tell me that I was mentioned in a video of his the other day (click on his name at the beginning of this sentence and check out the 3:45 mark).

You know, for being “the creative one,” I expected a bit more creativity in the shout out, but I understand your distraction at finding out that the LEGO Store at Rockefeller Center was closed. That being said, I appreciate your support — and the support of other prolific YouTube publishers. How many of y’all use YouTube for your own video creations? Don’t be afraid to say hello!

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