Facebook, Hack, Gadgets, and Business as Usual

Could you go to jail for lying online? What makes a geek happier than seeing that the new gadget he ordered is “out for delivery?” How could Facebook have better handled the recent sex and violence spam scandal?

Should Lying Online Be a Federal Crime?

What if it were a felony to lie about your weight in your online dating profile? What if you could be sent to the big house for tweeting that your favorite color is green when it’s a well-known fact that you like orange better? What if you had to hide out from the feds in a van down by the river because you faked your Facebook name? Should lying online be a federal crime? The US Department of Justice thinks so. Bob Fogarty talks about this latest round of lunacy at LockerGnome.com.

There should be an image here!New Electronic Toys Make Me Glad I Am a Geek

What makes a geek drool more than tracking that latest electronic gadget and seeing that it’s “out for delivery?” When the delivery guy’s actually knocking on the front door with the minty-fresh package of goodness itself in hand. When a new device hits the market, it’s like a special Christmas has been sent from some unseen wonderland to spread its cheer one happy house at a time. With the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook on their way to his house, Ron can barely contain his glee. Enjoy the joy with him at LockerGnome.com.

Education and Technology: Can They Coexist?

Can education and technology coexist? It seems like the easy answer is “yes,” right? Then why do so many school districts seem to be stuck in past decades when it comes to upgrading their technology? At LockerGnome.com, Bob Fogarty tries to make sense of this phenomenon, but points out that not all educators are clueless. I was once asked if I thought it was possible for the iPad to become a common sight in the classroom, and I said that I don’t think it’s a possibility; I think it’s an inevitability. I still stand by that statement.

Facebook Users Attacked with Violent and Pornographic Spam

Over the past week, did you get a nasty shock when disturbing images of graphic sex and violence started showing up in your Facebook news feed? Thanks to a malicious JavaScript attack perpetuated by users tricked into sharing and spreading this gross series of displays, many people spent sleepless nights cursing Facebook for letting such a horrible thing happen. At LockerGnome.com, Kelly Clay reports how the attack happened and what Facebook is doing to fix the problem and deal with its backlash. (If it’s like past incidents where Facebook has ticked off its user base, expect a whole lot of nothin’.)

App of the Day

Pictorial HD is a 3D puzzler that’s currently free in the iTunes App Store.

Use a single finger to reposition a field of stars, aligning them to a single plane — which should (if you do it correctly) form a constellation. You can toggle difficulty levels, too. Easy enough for all ages — and unique enough to keep me from doing things I should have been doing. Now that’s a good game!

YouTube Comment of the Day

willbo1234567890 comments on our giveaway in yesterday’s episode of TLDR.

“This is the first time I’ve watched TLDR, but will definitely be watching it again regularly. Quick question about the touch mouse: would it work with an MBP on OS X Lion? PS Keep up the great videos!”

I tried it a few minutes ago and it does seem functional as a basic mouse. I guess Microsoft didn’t have Mac users in mind when it designed the thing. Either way, thanks for paying attention. We picked your name at random for this giveaway. Contact us so we know where to send you this new Microsoft Touch Mouse! Isn’t that touching?

Blog Comment of the Day

Tim Stevens, Editor of Engadget, replied to another comment from Ron Schenone’s First Reviews of the Amazon Kindle Fire Seem Misguided post:

“Sorry, but it is a tablet, and it’s my job to point out the good and the bad. Ultimately the Fire has many, many small annoyances — and I can’t exactly point out the MSRP every paragraph. :)”

I know what you mean, Tim. Stick to your guns. If a product sucks, tell the world it sucks — damn what the fanboys say. No device is perfect — unless it comes from Apple. We all know that. And if you don’t agree with me, you suck.

Back Link of the Day

answers.microsoft.com! Yes, thanks to Gerry C J Cornell (from England) for sharing a very helpful link we had published on LockerGnome a while ago. It’s quite all right to share our useful information with anybody and everybody. Do you have a favorite forum? feel free to share a little bit of LockerGnome there when it’s relevant to do so. Does anybody really still use forums?

Question of the Day

Magnus Christensen asks:

Do you shop online, and how much? How has the ability to shop online affected your daily life?”

Of course I shop online! More often than not, I use Amazon.com after checking coupons.lockergnome.com for last-minute discounts. I even order my groceries over the Internet! Because of this incredible range of convenience, I haven’t needed to leave my home since mid-January.

Gnomie of the Day

Danny Harrington, who gave us props on Twitter yesterday. He also happened to mention our old friend and former contributor, WilsonTech1. Some of y’all keep comparing me to him, which is nice — but in case you hadn’t already noticed: we don’t look anything like each other. Thanks for noticing, Danny!

Today’s Fast Fact

Lynx was the first Web browser I ever used. It wasn’t until OS/2 came along before I saw an embedded image on a Web page. What was the first Web browser you used?

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  1. I’m not sure if lying online should become a felony but it would help curve potential predators. I think personally the issue is not that you’ve lied, but you’ve lied to gain someone else’s trust for the purpose of harming another individual. As can be seen through online predators and rapists. Just my thoughts.

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