iTunes Match, Google+, YouTube for Android, and a Giveaway

Is iTunes Match Apple’s new dating service that connects you to people with similar musical tastes? How can you get the most out of your Google+ brand page? Are snarky, geek-centric reviews of the Amazon Kindle Fire (now available in stores) missing the point?

iTunes Match Goes Live – Here’s How to Sign Up

iTunes Match is a new service from Apple that scans your music library and, if it finds songs that match its database, it will make them available for you in iCloud on any supported device. Yep, this even includes song files that you rip from your own CDs or… “alternative” sources. Even though it’s a little later than Apple’s promised October release, you can get iTunes Match for $24.99 a year. At, Angelo Carosio shows you how.

First Reviews of the Amazon Kindle Fire Seem Misguided

If you’re buying an ’85 Yugo from someone on Craigslist, you don’t expect it to have the same features as a new Maserati, right? Of course, you don’t expect to pay the same price, either. Are popular reviews of the Amazon Kindle Fire comparing it unfairly to its pricier competition by features alone — ignoring the benefits of its price point entirely? At, Ron tells us why snobby tech reviewers should keep the target audience for the Kindle Fire in mind before trying to smear “the little tablet that could.”

YouTube for Android Updated, New Features Abound

The YouTube app for Android is one of the platform’s most popular apps, and with good reason. Why settle for watching people making life-threatening blunders or singing karaoke-quality covers of the world’s worst songs from the privacy of your own home? You could (and should) share such sights with the unwashed galoot sitting next to you on the bus from your mobile phone. The YouTube app for Android has been updated, and Angelo Carosio goes over what’s new and how to get it at

How to Use a Teleprompter for Podcasting

Look, ma! No iPad! Well, not that you can see, anyway. That’s because it’s now serving as a teleprompter in front of the camera instead of sitting in my shaking, coffee-addled hands. Are you a fellow video presenter? At, Matt Ryan goes over your teleprompting options from iDevices and tells you about an unexpected benefit that we discovered upon using it for the first time.

How to Make the Most of a Google+ Brand Page

Now that your business has been granted a Google+ brand page of its very own by the gregarious Google gods, do you know what the heck to do with it? In his report at, Craighton Miller dispenses advice about how to get the most mileage from your Google+ brand page — what you’ll want to be sure to include, and what to leave out (for now).

YouTube Comment of the Day

On our Mobile or Social? Which Poses the Bigger Challenge for Corporate IT? video, TutorialsGameplays5 writes:

“Uh… my brain hurts.”

My response: I’m guessing that’s because we tried having a conversation about something that didn’t involve a video game. I suggest you expand your horizons before your wallet starts hurting more than your brain.

Blog Comment of the Day

Khürt L. Williams commented on iTunes Match Goes Live – Here’s How to Sign Up, saying:

“Very few consumers have 65,000 song files. My friends and family are impressed that I have 10,000.”

But out of those 10,000, how many are dupes? And if we don’t count Justin Beiber songs, I’m sure the number is closer to 27.

Back Link of the Day

PC Pitstop, which actually links to us on a weekly basis. Recently, it embedded our video related to the Chromebook discussion. Unfortunately, this did not lead to further Chromebook sales, which leaves the standing number of Chromebooks in the field at four. We appreciate the YouTube video embeds!

iTunes Match, Google+, YouTube for Android, and a GiveawayQuestion of the Day

This one comes from 602kid on

“Would you have your computer case airbrushed? How much would you spend for something like that?”

Cases come and go (as do computers). I personally wouldn’t spend more than the computer cost me in the first place. If you’re trying to do it on the cheap, I could probably scrounge up a few pony and rainbow stickers for ya? Let me ask the guy who threatened to unsubscribe yesterday — I know he has plenty.

Gnomie of the Day

is Hank Wu, also known as logicallytechnology on YouTube. Hank retweets darn near everything we share on Twitter. Woo hoo, Hank Wu! Who knew? Thanks for doing what you do!