TLDR: Lady Gaga, Chromebook, Projectors, and Google+

How can Lady Gaga help you browse the Web? Do you need new golfing buddies? Will not having access to the Internet actually kill you?

What’s So Great About the Google Chromebook?

Are people still gaga about the Google Chromebook? Were they ever gaga about the Google Chromebook? How does Lady Gaga feel about the Google Chromebook? If I say “gaga” a certain number of times in a row and spin in my chair, will she appear? user Tom Maxwell asks if a Google Chromebook is ideal for “normal” Web browsing on the go. My personal opinion is that Google Chromebooks are too danged expensive for what you get. If you’re just looking for something on the cheap to browse the Web, the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble Nook tablet will do that — and more — for less. But I’m not the only one with an opinion on the Google Chromebook; here’s where a few others weigh in on the matter. After all: what do I know? I’m pretty out of the loop when it comes to “normal.”

New Startup Spinnakr Helps Blogs, Websites Target Visitors

If you run your own Web site, you want to get a good idea of who is visiting — and why. And while you can’t (and shouldn’t) try to please everyone, making even a small effort to cater to your audience goes a long way. A new startup, called Spinnakr, helps you customize the way your website appears to visitors based on how they get to your site. For instance, say your site about mongoose wrangling is mentioned — and linked — in an article that appears on the prominent Mongoose News Network site. You can have Spinnakr help you customize the way visitors coming from that link will see your site when they land on it. People arriving from other incoming links will see the site differently. Spinnakr’s not yet open to the public, but if you go to and you’re one of the first 100 to use the code LOCKERGNOME, you can get in the door just a little earlier than everybody else. Does that make you better than everybody else? Maybe. Does that make you an elitist? Possibly. Does that make you good at knowing how to follow simple instructions like some kind of chimpanzee astronaut? Definitely.

New Niche Social Network Cadee Helps Golfers Improve Their Game

Do you got game? What if that game is golf and not, say, Call of Duty? Still with me? Cadee is a new social network that caters (or caddies, if you will) to the golfing crowd. Users can compare scores, brag about how great they are, and talk smack about their golfing buddies (because that’s what true sportsmen do). Cadee integrates with Facebook and Twitter so you can tick off your non-golfing buddies with incessant golf chatter until they also want to club you over the head… and maybe bury you in some quiet, shady place between the fifth and sixth hole. FORE!

Sprint AIRAVE: Access Point That Works

If you use the Sprint network but find your signal strength to be lackluster (at best) or annoyingly unpredictable (at worst), then maybe a Sprint AIRAVE is what you need. It’s a device that brings the cell tower to your home when you can’t bring your home to the cell tower. LockerGnome’s Ron Schenone reports that his signal strength went from one or two bars to four once he installed his AIRAVE. Dropped calls and line static also became a thing of the past. There’s no update yet on whether ear-splitting techno music or glow sticks have any effect on how the AIRAVE performs.

Is the Internet Really a Necessity of Life?

Sure, we all love the Internet — or we wouldn’t be here right now. But how important is it to your day-to-day lifestyle? Could you reduce your daily consumption of the Internet without going through withdrawal shakes and nervous tics? Could you learn to live without it altogether? Cisco recently polled 3,000 college students and young professionals to find out the answers to these questions and more. Most said they’d choose Internet access over having a car. Many disclosed that they’d gladly take a salary cut if their bosses would give them free access to the Internet during their normal work day. Public transportation agencies and CEOs are likely salivating at this valuable insight into the psyche of the modern workforce.

Five Geeky Uses for a Projector

Sure, a projector has its obvious uses — many of them boring. But at the end of the work day, when all of those ugly PowerPoint presentations have been symbolically printed and stomped upon by the office staff, doesn’t your projector deserve some fun time, too? You can project your favorite movies onto the side of the garage to give you the big outdoor theater experience. You can spice up your table top role-playing game with life-sized dragons and tavern wenches.

TLDR: Lady Gaga, Chromebook, Projectors, and Google+Thing of the Day

Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector

YouTube Comment of the Day

In response to Chris Performs Robotic Surgery, jkinney30 writes:

“The other thing they don’t tell you about these is they are fully Internet capable. This means you can have a surgeon operate on you from across town or even around the the world, provided they have an Internet connection and a console like the one where Chris is sitting.”

Hopefully when I’m not still sitting there.

Blog Comment of the Day

In response to Oops, No LibreOffice – when Help Files Are Less Than Helpful, Andrew Pullins writes:

“Sorry for your frustration with this part of the site; we are currently working on it. Soon, the site will know what OS you are running and you will download that version by default, or be able to choose install files for another OS.”

Thanks for the update and the work you’re doing, Andrew.

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Thanks to Melanie Pinola of Lifehacker, who sourced Kelly Clay’s LockerGnome article, OneSchool Helps Connect College Students to Classes, Classmates, and More, in a piece about the usefulness of the free OneSchool smart phone app. (OneSchool, by the way, is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7.)

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What if Chris Pirillo decided to shut down everything and retire?

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