How to Turn Speech Into Song

Have you ever wanted to sing and just never had the vocal talent to do it? Well, there isn’t an app out yet that can give you talent, sorry. For those of you that are willing to settle with faking it, there is Songify.

Songify is an app available for iOS devices that turns speech into song using a series of pre-recorded loops and beats. All you need to do is record a sentence or two and select a style. Songify will take care of the rest. Whether you’re describing the actions of a home intruder or marveling at the miracle of a double rainbow, your complete lack of rhythm is no problem with the help of this app.

Let’s face it, the tunes generated by Songify won’t win you any auditions on American Idol or earn you any tips at the local music venue. They will give you something to laugh about as your phrases are molded in to familiar tunes similar to the ones made popular in so many memes across the web. Songify comes with a few tunes with the option of purchasing additional templates within the app including some of the beats made famous through The Gregory Brothers videos.

Songify allows you to share your songified phrases with others, too. You can share them through Twitter, Facebook, and even email in addition to saving them directly to the device. After all, your lack of talent shouldn’t be bottled up and kept to yourself. Share it with the world so everyone can hear your words put to music!

The Gregory Brothers have a knack for creating catchy tunes out of otherwise boring speech, and Songify does a fair job of recreating the magic of their viral videos. Songify’s technology was invented by Khush to turn speech into music. The technology takes a step further than Antares Auto-Tune by turning regular speech into song.