Motorola Xoom vs iPad: Which one Lost?

How do you know your product has failed?

When it’s sitting at the top of Woot – after Not Selling anywhere else. [EDIT: for the sake of Varun’s sanity, a very spirited commenter in the thread below, I amended this paragraph to help him better understand.]

I don’t know about you, but I hate buying something (new or used) only to know that it’s not going to be around (or supported) for much longer. Not to say that the Motorola Xoom tablet is a failure, but… normally, you wouldn’t find successes sitting in the digital equivalent of a bargain bin.

If you would still love to get your hands on this tablet computer, you’re better off looking for people who are more-than-willing to sell their remorse to you. I’m guessing you can get a Xoom for even less than what this web site is selling it for.

I might also mention that I’ve never touched a Motorola Xoom – but why would I? Why would you? Five years ago, the Xoom may have made for one interesting portable device. Five years ago.

And, for clarification’s sake: I have absolutely nothing against the Motorola Xoom for what it is! Unfortunately, it fell short of expectations in just about every way – and when you’re trying to compete with the iPad, you’d better have one amazing story to tell at a no-brainer price point.

Some people hate Apple so much that they’re trying to prove a point by buying something else. Stupid, but I guess it’s admirable. If you’re really itching to spend money on anything that isn’t an iPad at this point, you’re better off looking at HP’s TouchPad – if only because you know a single company is controlling the experience (hardware AND software).

I think it’s fair to say that the Xoom lost – but it didn’t go down without a fight!

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  1. I won’t argue that Xoom has not lost to iPad, but you of all people should realize Woot does not just sell outdated junk.  If they do, then Kindle is dead (yes – they’ve had Kindles on there).

    1. If anything sells on Woot, it generally means it’s not moving otherwise. Not sure what that says about the Kindle, other than likely OLDER versions not selling as well as newer versions.

      1. Hi Chris,

        Not that what you said about a product not moving is totally false. But I have seen Apple I-Pods and Touch selling on Woot. I consider Woot as a good channel to sell popular stuff in high numbers (or less popular stuff in moderate numbers) overnight by offering a very attractive price.

        I agree with you that one may be able to find a second hand unit lower than $400-without any warranty.

  2. This article brought to you by an iPad purchaser/fan, and someone who has admittedly not even tried a Xoom. And who believes in software/hardware monopolies –> Apple hardware with iOS and HP with WebOS. Not sure how that is an indicator of success. Palm failed with webOS on phones. Blackberry failed with their own OS on a tablet too. 

    I assume he has an Apple Macbook Pro, maybe an iMac, loved the iPod, has an iPhone 4 and has used both the original iPad and now LOVES, LOVES his iPad 2.

    Just guessing…

    I now think I’ve been baited into commenting through journalistic sensationalism…

      1. I think he’s just right… you can’t set a verdict on something you didn’t touch/use… I’ve had the pleasure to play with a few tablets (iPad and Android) and I can tell you they all suck… they’re not useful in any way, IMO.

          1. I really don’t think being on Woot is a “loser” verdict. As well as I don’t believe I should like something because the market says it’s better. Example: the market says the iPhone is the best phone, but I’m convinced my SE C702 is way better because I can land a phone-call from my apartment (which in all fairness is almost a regular Faraday cage) while the iPhone can’t, I can write an SMS 2x faster on my phone and I can go on a 1 week holiday without carrying my charger around which are the basic things a phone should do. Also C702 takes better snapshots than any iPhone I had the chance to see.

            And about you not setting a verdict, I think you did in the first 2 lines of the article. Of course you can call that an opinion, but then again that would have started with “I think” or “IMO”. That’s my opinion anyway …

          2. Don’t let the name fool you. The “iPhone” as well as any other modern “smartphone” are not “phones” they are pocket micro computers. The “phone” function is just another app amongst many that this micro computer is capable of running.

            If a smartphone doesn’t suit your needs, DON’T BUY ONE! Just because many people do doesn’t mean you have to as well. Buy what suits YOUR needs and don’t worry about what everybody else and the market does.

          3. So I guess, therefore, that Windows is a better operating system than Mac OS X.  After all, Microsoft sells about 10 copies of Windows for each Mac sold.

            Obviously, McDonalds is the best restaurant and WalMart offers the best shopping experience, too.  The market has spoken.

            Actually, two people in my office own Xooms–and we’re a Mac software developer.  My boss got his Xoom so he could actually do some Javascript development on a long flight.  One of our salespeople bought one so she could watch Flash videos.  They’re both really happy with their purchase.

        1. Totally wrong …. you need to mod them to make them into a speed demon of beauty and use. Do some research on what you can do with a NookColor and see.

      1. I love my Macbook Pro. I enjoy playing with my iPad. I love the flexibility of applications on my Xoom. I detest iTunes-locked products.

        Edit: Good luck playing any non-Apple content on your iPad without jailbreaking it. I can play my own content on my Xoom. I can install third-party applications without the blessing of Motorola or Google.

  3. This isn’t indicative of the Xoom’s failure against the iPad, but its failure against better Android tablets, ie the Samsung Galaxy Tab. That thing’s the same price as the iPad, but thinner, lighter, faster, and more capable than the Xoom and the iPad.

      1. Galaxy Tab 10.1. Not the older, smaller, fatter 7 inch one. If you’ve not played with a Galaxy Tab 10.1, you owe it to yourself to head to your nearest Best Buy (or similar) and do it. It’s incredible.

  4. You have to wonder if those particular models weren’t moving as well as other models? When something isn’t moving, it’s not moving – it’s collecting dust. You can choose to interpret “loser” however you wish to interpret it – but this isn’t a refub.

    Again, to YOUR point, Woot helps dispose of inventory – and that inventory wasn’t moving anywhere else. How many Xoom owners do you know of? What do you make of the shake up at RIM? This is just coincidence?

    1. I think what you’re seeing is “last year’s model”. Not a failure of a product. Tech moves fast and the Xoom on Woot is making way for newer, better products. 

      Begs the question though, what does Motorola have in the pipeline for tablets?

      1. FWIW, the current touch went on sale on woot 127 days after launch. The Xoom went on sale on woot 139 days after launch.

      2. I believe Google may have bought Motorola Mobility phones but I was assuming that they bought the XOOM tech too. 

    2. I think what you’re seeing is “last year’s model”. Not a failure of a product. Tech moves fast and the Xoom on Woot is making way for newer, better products. 

      Begs the question though, what does Motorola have in the pipeline for tablets?

    3. Sadly, the data does not support your assertion – both the 8GB and 32GB models appear there. At the same time, the lowest cost model is, according to Jobs himself, the best selling device they’ve ever had, accounting for more than half the 45.2million ipod touches they’ve sold since launch. Since September 2010, that has been the 8GB 4th generation device, which went on Woot for the first time three months later in Jan 2011. And I note that all the ipod touch sales and the current Xoom sale are all for refurbs, despite your assertion otherwise.

      To answer your question I know three Xoom owners, three Asus Transformer users, four ipad users (including myself) and a Touchpad user. And I fail to see what the shake up at RIM has to do with the Xoom being on sale at woot.

      Bottom line is – both you and I know that your argument is specious.

      1. Do you *really* want me to drag in 15 links from other sites which illustrate just how well the Xoom did NOT sell? I don’t know why I’d have to at this point, other than to let you feel great about yourself.

        When an item appears on Woot, it’s generally because of an overstock – if you’re getting your panties in a wad over my “specious” position because I didn’t actually draw the line between a well-known “this damn thing didn’t sell in the quantities Motorola was expecting” problem and the commercial failure of the device, I can very easily make an edit so that you can more easily keep up. 😉

  5. Chris, you may be an Apple fan. And I agree that Apple makes good (but overpriced) products.  But in the case of Android vs. iOS, I much prefer the open nature of Android.

    With that said, I really have no interest in a tablet computer at this point in time, regardless of who makes it.

  6. Like someone said some time ago.  “There is no tablet market, there’s an iPad market.  This I firmly believe and this is the problem with all the other tablet makers, including HP.  They are all doomed to failure due to buying into the belief that a tablet market exists.

    1. So with that reasoning Jim. Apple is a failure. AT one time its market was less than 10% of the computer market. IBM and compatibles with DOS and WINDOWS sold like hotcakes. 

      Did Apple rebound or am I dreaming? Any time you write off something you stand a chance of being SOOO WRONG . 

      Bill Gates was pretty smart but once he said “who would ever need more than 256 k of ram anyway?”

      Well? (:-)

  7.  I brought a dodgy £100(here in UK) apad from china – came with rooted Android 3.1, GPS, REAL Android Market.  Very happy with it (I know I was lucky).

    Just thought I add that.

  8. I think you may have missed a point here Chris.

    The people who buy NookColor, Viewsonic, or even Xoom are buying it for two reasons:
    1- IT is much cheaper.
    2-You can make them every bit as good as an iPad by modding them.
    3-If you don’t like working and studying and figuring out how to mod something then waste the money on an iPad. Of course to those who have lots of money and don’t mind being trapped with no flash in an iPad with limitations then it not be a waste.

    However to we who don’t mind saving money, working, studying, researching and then finally modding their tablet, it is a joy beyond belief! And on top of that you could buy two more NookColors and mess with them too instead of buying one iPad. 

    To some the thrill of saving oodles of dollars and “creating” a new tablet from an “old” is worth much more than the thrill of spending more money and being limited.

    No prejudice. Just a difference in creative bent.

    Good luck

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