Music Services I Use: Rhapsody Vs. Rdio Vs. Spotify Vs. Pandora

So Spotify is allegedly (finally) coming to the US.

I, for one, welcome our new music overlords. Rhapsody pulled a fast one on me yesterday, after years of loyal service with them (dating all the way back to when Windows Media / MTV’s Urge was enveloped). They told me I needed to up my plan. I’m basically giving them an “up yours” and likely switching to Spotify when it’s available. There’s also Grooveshark, but it’s not available in the iTunes app store (which makes it a non-option for me).

How did Rhapsody offend me? They’ve switched their plans, rendering the standing $10 a month option only viable if you have one mobile device. I happen to have two mobile devices (plus Sonos), which would push me into their $15 a month plan – and that’s a bit steep, considering the active alternative: Rdio.

For $10 a month on Rdio, you get unlimited web AND mobile access. While the library on Rdio may not be the same as what’s on Rhapsody, I can’t see Rhapsody giving that much more value for the additional $5 I’d spend with them every month. I was given a trial with Rdio but didn’t renew it. I’m waiting to see what Spotify will have to offer me (in terms of pricing and features) before I spend money with Rdio.

I’m also considering downgrading my Pandora premium account when it’s up for renewal this September — not because I don’t use Pandora prolifically, but because it’s not delivering insane value for the money I’ve spent (and higher quality audio and fewer commercials doesn’t cut it for me). Not to mention: who still uses Flash for Web services?

The good news is: I can easily float between these music subscriptions without fearing I’ve lost much. I can still get access to most (if not all) of the music I love, and not have to worry about buying tracks ala carte or going through the nightmare of managing media in any way. That, and… at least I’m trying to play along with the industry.

Tell me I’m not alone with these music subscription service woes!

7 thoughts on “Music Services I Use: Rhapsody Vs. Rdio Vs. Spotify Vs. Pandora”

  1. Have you tried the Mac app with Rdio? Works great. You can use the play, next, etc.. buttons on your keyboard. And the offline iPhone sync ( or Android ) is great! Can make your own playlists too. From what I am seeing Spotify is an identical service and based on the UK “premium” prices I’m seeing, priced competitively.

  2. First, enonguru is correct. HTML is coming soon. Secondly, it’s not allegedly coming to the USA, it us coming. Thirdly, have you tried MOG? I don’t subscribe but it’s iOS app is far better than Rdio’s and Rhapsody’s. I did see a Napster app recently on the App Store but not sure what it can and can’t do

  3. Hi Chris. I do not see a date on this so not sure how old it is. I, too, have used Rhapsody since the beginning. I use their download to library option on my desktop and then listen offline. It keeps messing up and now they can’t even fix it so I need to switch. Which other service allows me to pay a monthly subscription and download music to a local library so i can listen offline on my desktop? Thanks in advance.

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