The Ultimate List to What is Noisy in Social Media

While invitations to Google+ have been throttled to the point of being valuable enough to sell for real money on eBay, I was lucky enough to be in one of the first rounds of participation. One of y’all invited me, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Yeah, I don’t mind sharing things that I think are hilarious, interesting, fun, useful, or whatever – and this can lead to several updates over the course of a short period of time. It’s not that I’m posting a TON – it’s just that few others are posting as much as I am. This has caused some people to label my updates as “noise.”

No. What I post is not noise. If you need clear-cut examples of social media noise, here:

  • Location Check-ins
  • Name Dropping for the Sake of Name Dropping
  • Photos of Nothing Interesting That Nobody Would EVER Care About
  • Status Updates Claiming That You’re Bored
  • Adding No Value to News That Everybody Else Has Already Shared
  • Stump Replies to Other People without ANY Context
  • Generic, Banal Updates
  • Links to Blatant Spam Re-Blog Pages
  • “Me Too”
  • Sycophants

Based on this list, I am far from “noisy” on Google+ (or anywhere else, for that matter).

I can point you to thousands of examples every single minute that I have to filter through – even after trying to pare down who and what I choose to follow. At least I feel that when I update a status on any one of my social networks, there’s SOME kind of value being passed along.

7 thoughts on “The Ultimate List to What is Noisy in Social Media”

  1. disagree on the location checkins ( like airports) are pretty helpful if they are people you actually know..for strangers – yah, just noise.

    1. Location checkins are pretty irritating, when pushed to twitter — and I say this as an avid user of both 4sq and Gowalla. I’d be willing to bet that hecking in, and cross posting to twitter, is of little value to at least 3/4 of the average user’s followers.

      If you’re checking in and sharing something worthwhile to do while there, or some sort of general information that could be perceived as useful, that’s an entirely different story…

  2. Something else: What do you think about adding an adequate pictures to each post you make? Sharing your posts on social networks would then look much more attractive! Best Pascal

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