How Can Google Improve Hangouts?

If you’ve been following my commentary and experiences with Google+, you’re probably not surprised to find out that Hangouts is one of my favorite features. The ability to create a spontaneous group video conference with people you’ve connected with online takes the casual chat and comment conversations to a new level.

There are, however, a few points on which Hangouts can improve in order to make it an even more powerful draw to bring people’s attention to Google+ and away from Facebook in the long term.

As the person that creates a hangout, I should be given some administrative abilities. In addition to being able to set topics and moderate chat, the power to kick and boot parties that aren’t playing well with others would also be a welcome addition. Having one troll enter a room can ruin the experience for everyone in the Hangout. Not every room has to be moderated. It just would be nice to have the option.

While you can broadcast the hangout to specific circles, though it would be nice if you had more control over who could and couldn’t join. If someone from the public circle is a repeated offender during public hangouts, it would help to have the ability to block that person from joining while allowing the public access to the conference call.

Another feature I’d like to see is the ability to record video from Hangouts built-in to the interface. These recordings could be dropped directly in to the videos section of your profile and made available once the recording is complete.

Don’t get me wrong, Google Hangouts is very good in its present form. There are always minor improvements that can be made to make any piece of software better. These were my suggestions.

What would your most wished for feature in Google+ be? Is there some missing feature that would convince you to make the move if it were to be implemented on a future update?