Are You Using Google’s Music Beta?

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Google’s Music Beta allows you to place your music collection in the cloud, quite similar to what Amazon’s Cloud Player and Apple’s iCloud do. The tech giants appear to be ready to get into a head-to-head battle with each other, with your tunes up for grabs. As of right now, Google’s Music Beta is free to use. How does it compare to the other offerings, though?

You can download free tracks when you receive your invitation to the Music beta. As soon as it was announced, I signed up for my invite. I received it in fairly quick fashion. The email told me to click to accept, and had me download the program for my operating system. I was then easily able to sync my music into the Cloud with just a click or two.

I don’t use iTunes to manage my music, so this was something I wanted to try out. I have to give Google props for allowing me to turn this into a preference pane. I love the way it’s laid out, how it looks and works on my desktop and the various preferences I can tweak to make it work the way that is best for me.

I’m not the kind of person who really buys digital albums. If I purchase one, it’s a physical disc. I prefer to subscribe to music services, such as Rhapsody. I am able to listen to a large variety this way at any point in time. However, Google’s Music Beta is a great solution for managing and listening to the music I DO happen to own.

I had to run Music in Safari because it doesn’t run well within the development version of Chrome. That’s a pretty big oopsie, but I’m sure that they will address this in a future update… at least, I hope so.

I can browse through my Music folders and find what I want with ease. I can sort via album, genre and artist. The service even lets me give a thumbs up or down to every tune in my library. I’m not sure why you’d choose to own or upload a song you’d want to thumbs down… but that’s a story for another day.

Are you interested in using any of the Cloud-based music services? Which one do you prefer?

9 thoughts on “Are You Using Google’s Music Beta?”

  1. my own preference is tunesaccess…the biggest secret of them all and its got a good iphone app too….unlimited music storage in the cloud and unlimited bandwidth…

    1. Well, of course it is, aren’t we americans the most gullible people in the world ? Why else would so many companies originate software in beta format and have people pay for it while testing it…. prime example: Microsoft with every new OS put out in not ready for prime time format, and you, Google as well are starting to join the bandwagon …. first with negating consumer privacy with the US Government, and now tossing out software that is not QC’d well enough to meet the criteria of working in your own software …. shame on you ….  what ever happened to your stance of high quality and data integrity for your clients ? I still love you guys, but am becoming quickly dis-enamored of your practices of late … please guys and gals, get back on track …


  2. Chris,

    Now, why if as you say Chris, an application which is developed by a company, and doesn’t operate properly on their own software platform, would you of all people, give creedence to this particular program. For shame my old friend 🙁 

    Chris, I have always respected you as a peer and don’t want to lose that respect… don’t sell out guy, only because you are getting some support from this company … your honesty and integrity in the past has always been a major plus in how I have recommended information of yours to my clientelle. Talk to Mama and show her this comment, I am pretty sure she will agree with me…

    Still having you in high regard after all these years together in the IT field,


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