How to Charge Your Mobile Device

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Yes, I happen to record videos while driving. I keep two hands on the wheel and four eyes on the road at all times, thank you very much! I begin recording while stopped and end the video while again stopped. I simply edit out the parts before and after. It’s not unsafe as some of you are claiming, and I tend to have some decent thoughts while driving. Why not take that opportunity to create something I can share with all of you?

A community member recently asked when the best time is to charge a mobile phone. The best time to charge is when the battery is about as close to zero as humanly possible. You don’t want to keep the device tethered if it runs on batteries. That can be cause more drain than necessary.

I like to intentionally run my battery down to near death about once per week and then charge it fully. I always leave it plugged in at least a half an hour past the time the phone claims it’s at 100%.

I have learned that if I don’t charge my phone every night, I will be disappointed the next day. I have a cord plugged into the wall next to my bed. The iPhone sits on my nightstand and charges overnight, leaving it ready to go every morning when I wake up.

There are a lot of great battery charging or extending devices on the market. I’ve done several reviews on external batteries for the iPhone, and have given you a ton of options. You’ll find that the Richard|Solo option will make you very happy. You can also check out the Lenmar External Battery or the PowerBlock Reserve from our friends at Griffin.

How and when do you charge your mobile device?