Decorating with Robots

I’ve mentioned in the past that I am a huge fan Justin Hillgrove‘s artwork. His paintings are incredibly unique and fun to look at. His paintings feature monsters, robots, tributes to stories, cartoons, books, and movies that parallel my interests.

One such painting, which I have recently picked up, is Robot City. In Robot City, Hillgrove depicts a scene inside a city where robots are anywhere and everywhere. Even the birds flying overhead are robotic.

Throughout the room are several other Justin Hillgrove originals including Transplant, which I acquired last October not long after discovering this incredible artist.

When I picked Robot City, and original acrylic piece from Justin Hillgrove, it was only natural that I seek out some more robots to go along with the painting.

That’s when I came across Kitchen Robots by Leuckit on Etsy. These little robots are made up of items commonly found around the kitchen and each one has a personality entirely its own. My den is full of these things now, and I couldn’t be happier. Each robot is an original piece and no two are alike.

Unlike boring robots that have traditionally banal shapes to them, Kitchen Robots are entirely different. Some of them have hair, others may wear skirts or funny hats, and a few of them feature extras such as a baby robot or bits and pieces in its belly. One common trait they all share is they express an emotion and/or action. It’s hard to look at them and not associate their pose with an emotion or idea. Every robot has a story to tell, and these pieces tell them very well.

In addition to the incredibly unique and breathtaking robots, the boxes they came in were works of art on their own. Made up of recycled bits and pieces, each box was adorned on all sides with interesting material ranging from comic strips to drawings in a colleague that fits perfectly with the spirit of what’s inside.

Decorating a single room, or your entire home, with something geeky like robots can be achieved with the right artists and inspiration. Thankfully, sites like Etsy and artists like Justin Hillgrove and Leuckit make achieving the perfect look possible.