Can You Be Swayed?

Swayable may be a fairly new website, but its traffic is already growing by leaps and bounds. It’s quite addictive to sit and click a button, choosing the fate of one thing or person over another. Think the bunny is cuter than the horse? Sway it. Sure that Ballmer is better than Jobs? Sway him, too. There are hundreds of categories to choose from, along with a never-ending stream of new Sways to judge.

There’s some measure of perverse thrill sent through our brains each time we click that little voting button. Whether you’re being mean and picking the worst pics to “win” or being honest in your selections, site stats show that many users are becoming addicted to this site.

Swayable makes it easy to share things when you’re on the go. Take pictures of two different things with your iOS device (Android isn’t available – yet!), come up with a caption or question and click a button to send it all through SMS, email and the Swayable site.

This application isn’t just for fun, y’all. You can use it to quickly get opinions from friends and family prior to making a large purchase, renting a new home or even just choosing which outfit to wear out on the town. We tend to be our own worst critics, and that can make it tough to always make the right decision. Crowdsourcing answers is always one of the best ways to get things done, and Swayable makes that a snap. Life is all about choices, after all!

For the record – Wicket and Pixie are far cuter than any pooch I’ve seen on the Swayable site at this point. I don’t think I can pit them against each other though… they’re equally adorable. How can I ask someone to choose between them?!