Is Email Becoming Obsolete?

Email is one of the oldest and most iconic initial components of what the world came to know as the Internet. While email is believed to have been around in one form or another since around 1965, when multiple users of a time-sharing mainframe computer needed an easy way to communicate, there is no question that it has exploded in more recent history as users in homes across the world dialed in to what is now considered the largest single mass of information in existence.

As social networks and other methods of keeping in contact with people are being created, the question comes to mind as to whether or not email may actually become obsolete in the near future. For me, email remains one of my primary methods of communication. It would take something extremely innovative and absolutely universal to make email obsolete.

Email addresses, as they are currently evolving in integration with newer communication platforms, could be more likely to replace your phone number than go the way of the dinosaur. Think about it, what’s the one identifier most social sites use to identify you? You log in to Facebook with your email address, password resets on almost every site out there requires email, and updates regarding various online accounts are generally forwarded to your inbox as a primary means of notification.

So, what would it take to topple this massive mode of communication? It would take something incredibly universal that every man, woman, and child in the world would have immediate access to which is not tied to any single corporation, government entity, or interest group. It would have to be absolutely rock solid in how it functions, from host to client. Email, in its present form, is still unmatched in this regard. If Facebook went away tomorrow, you wouldn’t be able to transfer your account to another service of your choice and still maintain all the contacts and connections you presently have. With email, one bad provider can be swapped out for a new choice in a matter of hours.

9 thoughts on “Is Email Becoming Obsolete?”

  1.  I think it’s a willingness for everyone we interact with now and in the future to be constantly on that’s going to kill email. However I don’t think this is going to happen anytime real soon. Email is great for this, I can put off that communication. But when devices and software get better at taking things such as notes, heck – stuff as esoteric as food aromas, blood samples (for medical purposes of course), objects that can be scanned and reproduced as holograms at the other end. Real time data transference of things and tangibles items; that will be an AWESOME email sunset.

    1. Email may be around for a while, but not in it’s previous form. I say “previous” because text messaging has become the present form and most people only send one or two line messages. Anymore, if you send an email that is more than a short paragraph long, it won’t get a response from the recipient because it takes too much trouble to read it. As for me, I don’t text message, and since I don’t often get a response to my emails, I’m looking at dumping the whole thing. After all, 50 years ago we didn’t need it, so why do we need it now?

  2.  I agree about e-mail.  The social networking sites are very “impersonal” in my opinion, but an e-mail can be intended for one person only, so it can be very one on one.  E-mail is still my main form of communication.

  3.  I believe email will not go away that easily. Since emails have been going on since the early days of when the internet was being set up and expand since 1965. Internet was only introduced to the public in the mid 90’s to the general public. My first email that I have ever had was created in 1995 when Hotmail did not belong to Microsoft way back then. It will still be used I find. Even in 1995 I was doing email via Bulletin Board Systems or BBS for short. And even then you had to log into a active BBS system that was more local to where you live and dialed into that in order to download email packets via telnet under DOS. And use Bluewave mail reader in order to unpack the compressed file and reply back to the emails you wanted to. And upload back the reply packet. back to the bbs. And do it that way a lot has changed since then. 

  4.  Do you have a job? If you did, you’d know email isn’t going anywhere. Not all of us waste our days posting inane comments on Facebook.

  5. I agree, E-mail will be phased out sometime in the future. (But not in our lifetime). E-mail will still be here I predict that E-mail won’t be gone for another 20-30 years yet. (Pure speculation)

    On the flip-side though E-mail has become the dominant method of creating accounts on websites such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube for years, and if E-mail went away tomorrow, these websites would be in Chaos.

    Again I think E-mail still has a place for years to come. Eventually something else will have to take its place if technology keeps advancing at its current rate.

  6. We mainly just use email to register for sites now. Everyone sends texts; no one emails anymore, outside of work.

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