Stop Doing Follow Friday Wrong

Only two hours into the day on the East coast, the #FF Tweets are already flowing through my stream. I tend to not pay much attention to these, as they seem to be the same every single week. It’s not that I don’t want to find new people to talk to – I do! But you’re doing it all wrong, guys. Those boring demands could end up making me unfollow you, instead.

Fun fact! Follow Friday was originally started by Gnomedex speaker Micah Baldwin.

Don’t send out a message telling me to #FF as many names as you can fit within the 140 character constraint. When you do this, you aren’t adding a single bit of value. Why should I follow Kimmie or Ron or Mary or Blake? What is it about these people that make them so spectacular? Choose instead only one person to promote. Give me their name, and explain to me why I absolutely need to pay attention to what they are saying.

Asking people to send out a #FF with your name attached is even more wrong than spamming me is. Hello? Have you ever paid attention to a single thing any social media expert has ever said? Being this self-serving is going to cause your numbers to drop faster than almost anything else I can think of. The Internet is not all about you, no matter how good or deserving you think you are. If someone out there feels that you have something to say that others need to hear, they will automatically tell their followers – without you begging them to do so.

Along those same lines, what’s up with RT’ing every #FF post which has your name in it? The people who will see this are already following you. They don’t need to be told to do so again. I had hoped the purpose of this was to get your followers to also follow the others mentioned in the same Tweet. Sadly, I asked a bunch of users for clarification. Each and EVERY one of them said they did it to show that someone felt they were worthy of following. In other words, they were showing off. *facepalm*

Lastly and most importantly, remember something my Community Manager Kat once said: “Community isn’t about connecting people to you… it’s about connecting them to each other.” THAT is the sole purpose of Follow Friday: connecting people to each other. This, in turn, creates more conversation in your own neck of the woods. Use your powers to connect users to each other instead of trying to gain more followers for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the results.

I promise.

14 thoughts on “Stop Doing Follow Friday Wrong”

  1. There is nothing wrong with follow Friday’s. It helps the community suggest other people to follow. I agree that RT’ing an FF with your name in it is a bit sad, but #FF’s are good.

    Ironically this was posted just after I added you to the follow Friday on Twitter Chris. LOL.

    I would never ask people to #FF me. I would rather people do it without asking me. That way people can see that I am not crying out for attention.

  2. I have just done this ;( I met a shitload of awesome people at a conference this week and I wanted to acknowledge them before the moment had passed.

    I do think, though, that there would be some psychology to suggest that RTing a #FF tweet with your name in it might give your existing followers a small push to include you in their own #FF? Maybe?

  3. It’s no service to me when all I see on Fridays are @ names down my time line. If the person is so important that other people should follow them, take the time and write something meaningful WHY they should follow your recommendation.

  4. I Keep a separate twitter list for followfriday and tweet out the link to it so people can subscribe to it.

    With lists being made available, is it such a big deal wether you follow them or not as long as your interacting with them on twitter?

  5. Thank you for the tip. I have not been doing Follow Friday a lot, but I see your point. Names without any introductions does not say much.

  6. I look at it differently.  I do list all I can fit in, as I’m saying to everyone who follows me: “Hey, take a look at these Twitter users — I find them interesting — Poke into them and see if you might be interested too.”  I think most people can do their own determination if they want to follow somebody. 

  7. I love that follow friday began because Micah was being nice to his friends (I happen to be @fancyjeffrey now @jeffrey).  He’s a good egg.

  8.  I don’t do that unless it is an important article I am retweeting, but this is nuts… I know people want attention but do u think that is a little to wacked?  You should send this to Tosh 2.0… He will have a kick out of this one.

  9. That is my method. If I promote multiple people on a Follow Friday, I give them each a separate tweet and I use what’s left of their 140 characters to explain why they are worthy of following.

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