How to Make an Unboxing More Interesting

The trend of unboxing popular tech on camera has been around for years. While many would claim the origins of this form of gadget porn come from the much-anticipated PS3 release, videos and/or pictures of desirable tech products being taken out of the box for the first time may well be as old as the camera itself.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of these videos are frankly rather boring. A narrator points the camera at a box and opens it, saying pretty much the same thing everyone else that has unboxed the same thing says before them. Still, these videos are extremely popular, and that begs the question of how to make an unboxing more interesting.

Throw Out Practical Applications
Yes, we all know what the gadget is, and we don’t need a narrator to tell us what it looks like as we watch it being unboxed before our eyes. What users could find interesting are details about the practical applications of said gadget. If you’re unboxing a computer, explain what you intend to do with it and how this particular purchase would help you accomplish this. A look at the specs, instead of commenting on it being pretty, would be interesting as well.

Don’t Dwell on Packaging
It’s a box, made out of cardboard. Yes, it may have an interesting tab or padding, but people are tuning in to see the item itself and spending most of your time on the packaging and making the device an afterthought isn’t going to be interesting in the long run.

It would be foolish of me to say that I do the best unboxing videos, however, personality plays a big role in how your unboxing is received by the audience. If you are monotone, and generally unenthusiastic about what you’re doing, your audience will reflect that lack of passion when it comes time to hit the subscribe button or leave a comment. Offer more than just the typical gadget porn. Give them something to either laugh at or think about throughout the course of the video.

You might score extra points by unboxing more than just one thing in a single video. If you’re opening a phone or mp3 player, grab a case to go along with it and demonstrate how that particular case fits on the product. This will kill two birds with one stone, and instantly make your video more useful than one that just focuses on the same item every other tech vlog is fixated on.

4 thoughts on “How to Make an Unboxing More Interesting”

    1.  What would users find interesting in an unboxing video? The thrill and excitement of the unboxer, checking to see subconsciously whether he got something more in his box than I did, and ‘what do I get if I buy this box’ clarified. This is why I like unboxing videos

      1. I was actually just pointing out a typo (he had interestED instead of ..ING) , which Chris appears to have now fixed. 😉

  1. I love doing unboxing videos. I always (90% of the time) find my self having to struggle to get a box open, and the audience finds it funny, I even sometimes cut my fingers trying to open a box which again the audience finds funny.

    I always state what I intend to do with it, like for example when I got my HDTV I said I was going to use it as my PC monitor, and then one day have my PS3 and PC hooked up to it.

    I always like to say how much the item cost, as from there people usually ask me where I got it from and where the best place is to get the same product for a low price. (My Lifecam HD5001 Unboxing was a good example of this)

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