How to Be a Geek

While staring at my screen as I put together my next post in my noggin, I idly started typing things into Google. Being a technology geek, I tend to use search strings to see what people like me are looking for. I typed “How to be a Geek” into the search box and was actually stunned at the results. The Internet has it completely wrong – and so do you. The definition of the word itself just isn’t right y’all. Being a geek has nothing to do with carnival performers, computer gurus or peculiar people.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: a geek is someone who is passionate about something. There are computer geeks, sure. There are also gardening geeks, motorcycle geeks and word puzzle geeks. Everyone has a passion of some type. I don’t honestly care if you love playing the drums, writing poetry, playing a sport or simply sitting next to the ocean while staring into space. Those things which are you most involved with and excited about are what make you a geek.

I hate seeing the geek label being used in a derogatory manner more than I explain. Those who don’t know any better assume that a geek is someone who hides behind a computer screen, has no social skills and is unkempt. Sure, there are people like that out there somewhere. There are also those of us who have vibrant lives outside of our online world, who are obsessively clean AND who know how to converse in social settings.

Being a geek of any type is something to be proud of. Proclaiming yourself as one means simply that you truly care about whatever it is you’re doing. You love it… you eat, sleep and breathe it. You LIVE it. Can anyone explain to me how in the hell embracing our passions is a bad thing?

A geek cannot be stuffed into one tidy little description. When I polled Twitter to find out how all of you define this term, one answer stood head and shoulders above the rest. Kristijan said that “A geek is someone who would never succeed in defining “geek” in 140 characters or less.” Right on!

What type of geek are you?

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  1. “Can anyone explain to me how in the hell embracing our passions is a bad thing?” I sure can… regarding your definition bin Laden would have been a religious geek and I guess you could call that a bad thing.  Maybe he has even been biting off the head of alive chicken which would make the definition above at least partially correct.

  2. I am passionate about technology and games. I am not sure if I can be classed as a Geek though.
    I used to be called a Geek in high school a lot, but it did not offend me that much. (I was also called Mr. Bean) 

    Not all Geeks are computer literate. As Chris has right stated in the past, if your passionate about anything it makes you a Geek about that passion.

  3.  Also, those who think being a Geek is a bad thing, look at the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill gates, Eric Scmidt…. they are all rich. They all have/had their own company, they are the ones who are advancing technology and the world as we see it.

    So how can these bullies in school think that being a Geek is a bad thing.

  4.  I am the beta testers, developers geek, you can never get me off the computer even when it is time to eat.  TV, computer, music, liquids all in the same room… iphone near me also… when do I sleep?  when my body tells me 3 or 4 days later.  Always have been that way.  Always loved to learn was the book worm, read encycolpedia’s when I was 6.  Constant multitasking, when the computer goes I steal my son’s computer then he pushes me away, until the new harddrive comes in then I repair my computer and put the new one in.

    My apartment is perfect u can eat off the floors but I have cats so you don’t want to do that.  The only room I hate is my bathroom my landlord has not fixed it again, I have mold growing on the walls.  They fixed it once and painted it back in November and fixed the fan.  Now it came back twice as bad.  Called them on Monday and they did nothing so my rent is going into Escrow.  I refuse to pay.. did it before and I will do it again.

  5. Geeks get paid to do love what they love. Whereas Nerds are just unecessarily awkward!
    Get sum !!

  6. Geeks get paid to do love what they love. Whereas Nerds are just unecessarily awkward!
    Get sum !!

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