Five Ways to Make Money Being a Geek

Being a geek can be an expensive position to be in. You’ve got a nagging urge to buy the latest gadget, collectable, game or otherwise. How do you fund such an expensive lifestyle? Do you drain your paycheck and let your bills wait? Here are a few tips to help you make some extra cash doing things you probably already do.

Start a Blog
Starting a blog is extremely easy, and there are a lot of options out there for monetizing your written word. If you’re passionate about a certain subject, you may find it to be a perfect niche for your blog. Writing articles can be a tedious task and research will become a huge part of your daily routine. If you stick with it, and provide consistently good content on a regular basis, you may find an audience large enough to provide a reasonable second income. This won’t happen overnight, but it can happen if you work at it.

Create a Podcast
Do you like trying out new things and sharing your experiences? You could create a video podcast either using your screen as your camera (screencast) or put a camera on yourself and demonstrate the widget you’re reviewing. Screencasting has become an extremely popular method for creating videos in the tech space. This is especially true for video games where machinima is constantly dominating the top viewed slots on large video sites such as YouTube. You can compliment your video podcast with a blog that contains write-ups for various topics covered on the show. If your YouTube channel becomes popular enough, Google may select you as a partner. This allows you to earn money for videos you post.

Take on Paying Gigs
If you’re really in to computers and know enough to fix them reliably, consider offering your services to others for a fee. You’d be amazed how many people in your social circle know someone that needs their system restored, or more RAM installed and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for fifteen minutes of a professional’s time. After you’ve done this long enough, you might gain enough attention and recognition to start your own business on a more full-time basis.

Work for Free
This tip sounds off, but bare with me. If you really like to develop software but don’t feel that anyone would pay for your work based on being a small company with little to no reputation, you can always develop for the open source realm. By doing this, you can distribute your creations more freely and gain help from the community in development. Accepting donations is one way many small developers earn enough funds to grow.

Radio geeks that love to play music for others can find volunteer gigs on Internet radio stations fairly easily. If you’re good at it, they may offer you more air time which results in more experience. This kind of experience can eventually go directly on your portfolio which can help you land that dream job you’ve always wanted. The same would go for Photoshop and graphics design enthusiasts, or any other “geeky” hobby that parallels a commercial industry.

Join Competitions
This one is a bit out there, but if you’re the kind of geek that really gets in to video games, you might consider trying your had at a few ladders. You may discover a natural talent about yourself that can lead to a fun and profitable adventure doing what you love. While becoming a professional gamer is about as likely as becoming a professional football player, many cities host smaller competitions with excellent prizes. If you really like card games like Magic: The Gathering, you can ask your local hobby or comic store about any tournaments going on in your area or search online for nearby events.