My Empire Avenue Strategy and Tips

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This document outlines my general thoughts, experiences, and opinions. It was designed to help provide you with a better understanding as to how this site works (and can work better for YOU). I fumbled through Empire Avenue for the first couple of weeks before I figured out a few formulas for success – and I still haven’t figured everything out! 🙂

The content may or may not be updated regularly, but the advice may change between the time you read it and the time I’ve figured out a better way to do something. Moreover, look for clarifications in the comments below, as I’ve likely not explained everything perfectly and have missed a few tips. Or, leave a comment, yourself?

Before you go any further, I suggest you install this open source Pirillo Power Pack for Empire Avenue Google Chrome extension that (e)RINGLE, (e)GEEKLAD (and possibly others) have developed, courtesy of the EAv API and a few of my suggestions. It’ll calculate current ROI (based on the weekly dividend average and current share price) on any given profile page (and inject it under the stock symbol in today’s site design). It will also allow you to hyperlink (e)STOCK symbols on – when you see one, press the Empire Avenue logo in your omnibar and voilà! With the extension, you’ll get more information on a profile page before and after purchase, and you’ll see more information in portfolio view to boot.

I must also begin by thanking all of the long-time Empire Avenue community members for helping me refine this document, including (e)ANGLER who helped with a few finishing touches.

The Long and Short of It

Before you TL;DR me, here’s a synopsis of the game mechanics before I dive into the introduction:

  • You increase your dividends by being interactive, on-site and off-site.
  • You increase your stock price by being purchased (on-site), and by your social activities. Experienced users are absolutely attracted to stocks with consistent high dividends, not necessarily those with high stock prices.
  • You increase your share percentage for your shareholders by providing higher dividends.
  • You collect the best dividends from stocks with a higher daily yield percentage [(dividend per share / share price)*100] also referred to as ROI (Return On Investment)