Cats vs. Dogs

There will always be an ongoing argument over whether dogs or cats make a better pet. Simply put, it will always depend on the person and their own tastes. There are, however, some differences that should be taken in to consideration when deciding between a furry feline and man’s best friend. Here are three points to help you decide where you fall in the eternal struggle of cats vs. dogs:

A dog is vertically challenged when it comes to reach. If you put something up on a kitchen counter, chances are most dogs (some breeds are an exception) will be unable to reach it and get it down. You don’t have to worry about them climbing your curtains and knocking things off the top of your refrigerator. Cats, on the other hand, are expert climbers and will often do everything and anything to find a spot that’s high and out of the way to relax. If you have a habit of putting fragile objects up on display, you should take caution not to put it anywhere your cat will be likely to roam around and potentially push it over the edge.

Dog hair comes in many different varieties. Some dogs have short hair that never grows past a certain point and sheds on a regular schedule while others can have thick, long hair that requires regular maintenance and grooming. Shedding can be a real problem with dogs, and in some cases your carpet can be coated in days. Cats are very much the same way, but let’s be honest here, cat hair gets everywhere even dog hair doesn’t. If you’ve owned a computer in a house with a fluffy feline, you’ve probably opened it from time to time to see what appears to be an extra cat hiding in and around the case fans.

Dogs require regular maintenance on their nails. They get long, thick, and make the most annoying clicking sound when they need clipping. Cats, on the other hand, can tuck their nails away and move around in stealthy silence. This is where the advantages to having a cat cease. Their claws are sharp, and they love to use them. Giving a cat a bath may be a life-threatening exercise, and shouldn’t be attempted by anyone without at least some form of body armor. Couches can be destroyed, carpets mangled, and don’t get me started on the damage that can be done to your sheets should your precious orange tabby decide to turn your bed in to its own personal nest.