How to Help Your Company be Social

Companies everywhere are finally realizing that they need to be social to survive in today’s marketplace. They are scrambling to figure out how to use Twitter and Facebook in order to be where their customers are. Some of them are grasping the advantages of Foursquare. The problem is that many of these brands aren’t doing social the right way. Yes my friends – there is a right – and wrong – way to “do” social media. Big corporations hiring a person or outside company to talk AT consumers are doing it absolutely wrong. Those establishments who talk WITH their community are the ones who are owning the social space.

There are businesses all over my Twitter stream who just can’t seem to figure out the difference between talking at someone and talking with them. Sending out messages about your latest “deal” or sale isn’t enough. Shooting a link or two their way with the hope they will click and buy doesn’t cut it. I don’t care how good your product or service is these days. If you aren’t opening a real dialogue with your patrons, you’re missing the entire point.

It’s great to see corporations such as Comcast and TechSmith really connecting with people. They don’t take the conversation out of the public eye just to shut someone up… they honestly do it to HELP people. However, I feel there is still so much more they could be doing. Creating actual back-and-forth conversations – even on Twitter – is something that each and every one of you needs to be doing.

Ask questions. When you receive answers, don’t just ignore them and congratulate yourself for getting a reply. TALK WITH THEM. Don’t tell people what you’re going to give them or do for them – ask them what they want. Find out how you can make your service better. Discover what the consumers think would make your product stand out from the competitors. Figure out your customer’s lives… what will make things easier for them? What is it you can do to help make their day better? All of this can be done right on social networks, y’all.

Stop counting your numbers and measuring your damn metrics. Quit worrying about that stuff, because it honestly doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does. What matters is those people sitting behind their screen attempting to connect with you. Once you’ve established that, the metrics will fall into place all on their own.

5 thoughts on “How to Help Your Company be Social”

  1. Great tip! Sounds logic. Have to stop beeing a number whore because it, as you say, does not really matter unless people come back. It all comes back to the question: do you want new costumers/visitors or keep the ones you have. Finding the balance is key.

  2. There’s a company near Manchester (UK) that assists businesses in getting a presence on social media (for a fee) and helps them to manage it etc. Pretty good business idea if you know how to do it and the other party has no clue! I’ve been seeing the power of Twitter lately when I’ve tweeted either a good or bad thing about a company/service/product and I’ve had that company contact me either thanking me (for the good ones), or offering help (for the bad ones). If a business does not have a social presence nowadays, it needs to get a better marketing department. Or me 😉

  3. Good points you have presented here. Everyone seemed engaging social media without sense. Talking with them is just a right way to interact and at the same time making sales on it. Thank you for sharing.

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