How is Social Media Affecting the Royal Wedding?

It doesn’t matter if you live anywhere near the UK – you know that there is a Royal wedding on Friday. Even if you aren’t a fan of Royalty in general, you still know far more details about the pending nuptials than you ever wished to. Thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you have been made a part of this ceremonial day before it even happens. Whether you’re sending a Tweet speculating on whether Kate will be nervous or posting to Facebook about how happy you will be when the entire thing is over, you’re talking about it in some capacity. Compare this to Prince Charles’ marriage to Diana way back in 1981 and you’ll see the impact almost immediately.

More than 750 million people worldwide tuned their television to the proper channel thirty years ago to watch a blushing Diana marry her Prince. That number seems small when compared with the expected numbers for William and Kate’s union thanks to various live-streaming websites. I actually read a post two days ago which wondered if this event could even take down parts of the Internet! Jeremy Hunt – the British Cultural Secretary – estimates that more than two billion people will be watching at some point during the day on Friday. Jeremy Hunt – the British Cultural Secretary – estimates that more than two billion people will be watching at some point during the day on Friday.

The funny (ironic?) thing is that most of the people who have admitted to me they will likely tune in also stated that they honestly don’t care about the wedding or the couple. It’s more the fact that this is “BIG NEWS” and everyone wants to be able to say they were a small part of it. I happen to have a few friends who can recall lying on their living room floor watching all starry-eyed as Diana made her way down the aisle. They recall every detail of that particular ceremony as though it were their own, so it stands to reason they’ll be sure to catch this one, as well.

I may just stay away from Twitter, Facebook and all of social media on Friday. It’s not that I don’t wish the young couple all the best – I do! I just don’t want to have my various streams inundated with running commentary about her dress, her makeup, his uniform and the flowers.

What’s it going to be? Will you be watching – or reading about – the festivities on Friday, or are you going to block all mention of it?

3 thoughts on “How is Social Media Affecting the Royal Wedding?”

  1. Well, the wedding doenst affects me none what so ever, but i have to admit i will probably watch a little bit of it hehe Secondly, i know for sure that it is a big deal between the european female populacion, at least big part of them, they will all be watching the dresses, hair cutes, jewellery etc and commenting lol And to aswer the last part of your post Chris, i think its pretty impossible to block everything related to the festivities next friday, we have so much machines surronding us every day (tvs, computers, phones, etc) and they will all take the wedding in 1st consideration that day. Even if we avoid that content, we would still be “invaded” by mentions, pictures, or news of that event, it would only take you to go to the coffee shop and read the newspaper, or pass by a magasine and newspaper cabine in the street and see pictures of it, hell even many people will talk about it even if only for a minute… Now that im finishing this comment i realised one very true but at the same time very disturbing truth, do we really know the power and influence the media, marketing, and social media have in our lifes? This question is not for you Chris, in your case its an easy answer, you cant live without tech and gadgets πŸ˜€

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