The Best Unboxing Video Ever

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Unboxing videos – we’ve all seen them, but you’ve never seen an unboxing video quite like this. This is bigger than the iPhone 4 unboxing. It’s more moving than unboxing the MacBook Air. This unboxing video could be the last unboxing you ever watch. And as if one unboxing wasn’t enough, you get 2 for the price of 1 in this extended look inside the world of unboxing videos.

I’ve been waiting for some amount of time for this particular product. I can’t even remember back to when I began the countdown. True to form, I had my unboxing juice by my side. I was happy to note that the box is of perfect shape and has no obvious damage on any side.

I like that the barcodes on this beautiful white box are very tightly packed. I wouldn’t be too thrown off by this. Normally, they’re written in a vertical orientation. This set is nothing short of that. I do see, however, that the stamp on the label is slightly malformed. I don’t know if that means this box has been damaged in some unknown capacity. I guess we shall find out any moment now.

Unlike real men, I use scissors to cut open my boxes. Make sure you never run with them in your hand. You can injure – or seriously kill – yourself. This is the reason why many unboxing videos are cut in half. The person recording just doesn’t listen to his mother and runs around the house with the scissors in his hand at the end.

This particular cardboard happens to be of the corrugated variety. This makes my box nice and sturdy yet still easy to cut through with my scissors. This is my favorite type of cardboard out there. It’s not too thick and not too thin, and it has ridges!

Much like mini-pads, this box has wings. I don’t know if this is something you are looking for, but I certainly appreciate it. If you’re looking for the wings, this type of box will work perfectly. It will make you doubly happy! It has a bonus set of wings hidden inside!!

Inside, you’ll see we have a very nice and uniform tan color. This is something I found rather nice about this box. The brown is a very nice contrast against the white on the outside and on the sides themselves. It’s perfect to carry around after Labor Day when ladies aren’t supposed to be seen in white.

The craftsmanship that went into this box is just fantastic. There are some type of raised letters or numbers imprinted on the bottom. It’s not Braille, but it’s kind of cool to pretend that it is!

This is totally the best unboxing I’ve ever done. I don’t think this box could get any better. I haven’t gotten any paper cuts. This speaks to how well the box was made. There’s no word on what the next version of this box will be like, but I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I have my hands on one.

Don’t forget – this box is actually something you can recycle.

This is likely the last unboxing video I will ever record. They simply aren’t interesting, yo. If you’re someone who goes around watching this type of video, then STOP IT!

You are welcome.

17 thoughts on “The Best Unboxing Video Ever”

  1. I’ve gotta say, I have not seen many unboxings. They are quite boring. I have only watched yours, as a matter of fact, just to see what new product you’ve gotten and what I can expect to see a review of in the future.

    That being said, this WAS the BEST unboxing video I have ever seen. ^_^

  2. You make a great sales person for selling those Boxes to factories… contiune the work but don’t use the ending STOP… LOL Keep up the good work and keep selling those boxes for the company. By the way u can put your iphone or small gadgets in the small boxes like I do and lable it so the cats don’t get into them. I use the larger boxes to keep my videos and crafts in them. Factorys will love your ideas if u can give them the right commercial. If u need help let me know I worked for a lot of different ones in the past before I got my degree’s.

  3. A sad legacy of 60’s parents who used too much LSD 25. Wait for the second installment where he shows you how to access the time travel app for the Commodore64. Beware the penguins at dawn.

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