Would You Lie on a Review Site?

I’ve drilled it into your head repeatedly: always do your research. Before you buy a product, purchase a service or even decide where to eat dinner, you need to research. What are others saying? Reviews from your peers on the items you’re thinking of owning are the truest form of advertising. Any manufacturer or business owner can claim to be the best. However, the truth lies with the people who have already been there and done that. They’ll tell you what to expect – or not expect… or will they?

What happens when someone lies on a review site? There are any number of reasons people would do this, including bribery. The economy sucks. We’re all looking for ways to cut financial corners. Would you be willing to sacrifice your morals, though, in order to save a couple of bucks? That’s exactly what one landlord is hoping his tenants will do.

One guy simply known as Luke received a letter from his landlord recently, offering to take fifty dollars off his next month’s rent. He was ecstatic – until he saw what it was he had to do. The apartment owner wanted him to leave a “five star rating across the board” on one of the apartment rating sites. Luke sure could use a $50.00 break in his bills… but not at the expense of his beliefs. He knows this isn’t quite right – or ethical.

There are review sites galore for everything you can think of these days: products, services, accommodations, apartments and even restaurants. If people and places are bribing their customers to leave positive reviews that may not be completely true, how do you know whom to trust? I’m beginning to think that you have to go beyond a simple review in order to find out the truth before you spend your money.

How are you supposed to know what to do? Where do you go to get answers? Get on your Facebook or Twitter account: ask those who follow you and you know in some capacity what they think. Isn’t that what networking is all about?

13 thoughts on “Would You Lie on a Review Site?”

  1. I kind of did. I bought a Roku and the remote didn’t work, but it decided to work after 30 minutes of being pissed off. So when I wrote the review, I left that part out because I wanted to like the device, because it does everything I want it to. But now the remote stopped working again, and I sort of regret my decision.

  2. Have I lied? No. Would I? Again, no.
    I have given negative criticism on a product based on where is was being sold (such as Walmart), but I usually point to a deal on a rival site when giving that type of negative criticism.

  3. No, I would not lie because then it would not be honest and I know the restaurant had rotten food, or that product really sucked… I tell them.. When something does not work I tell them.. I know how to cook I know how it is suppose to taste like. Plus if I buy something I can figure out how things work easy and if an application or an electictical equipment does not work properly I will tell them. Don’t give me the run around and tell me it works just because I am a women I have degrees. And I am not stupid.

  4. Nope. Wouldn’t lie. All you’re doing in this case even for a little break in a money situation is screwing the next person in line. Think about this way. If it was a bad item, etc., would you tell your mom or any family member that it was good just for a break? That’s how I look at things.

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