iPad 2 Screen Protector

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Protecting your iPad screen is a good way to ensure that it doesn’t get scratched. iPad screen protectors reduce glare and cut down on fingerprints. A good iPad screen protector also ensures the device won’t suffer other damage. If you’re anything like me… then you have the best screen protector you can possibly find.

One of the best I’ve found happens to be from Steinheil. I’m already using protection made by them on my iPhone, and have been very happy with the results.

The number one reason I choose to use a screen protector is because I cannot stand fingerprints. The Steinheil Ultra Fine Anti-Fingerprint is very high quality, and has a hard protective surface. It protects the LCD Screen from scratches and features an advanced optical enhancement layer that eliminates fingerprints while providing a good light transmittance – without any silly-looking rainbow effects that you get with other brands.

One drawback with the Smart Cover from Apple is the fact that when removed, three lines are left running across the screen. This has been covered all over the Internet – people don’t think they should have to wipe those off. This screen protector unfortunately doesn’t get rid of this annoying issue, but it does cut down how prominent the lines are.

The company sent me the glossy version they have for sale. I found, however, that it collects just as many fingerprints as if nothing was on the device screen. If you’re looking to keep fingerprints and scuffs at bay, then you definitely want to choose the matte version.

I’m not an expert by any means. I know what works – and what sucks. Unfortunately, many of the screen protectors on the market suck hard core. This is why I’m so happy with the Steinheil. It just works. At the end of the day, that’s the only thing that matters.

If you have screen protectors on your device that you feel work even better than the Steinheil, I’d be happy to hear about them – and take a look! I’m always on the hunt for the best of the best – both for my own personal use and to pass on to all of you.

10 thoughts on “iPad 2 Screen Protector”

  1. now I just need to buy the pad2 and then Steinheil is on my list. I’m not good with placing those cuz I double shake sometimes but you are my Guru……
    I wouldn’t mind the screen guard for the iPhone if you still have it or them.
    Is it a good time to buy the iPad2?

  2. I’d love the Steinheil screen saver for my iPad 2, but I don’t own an iPad 2. Here’s a deal for you. Send me the screen saver and an iPad 2 (with or without Smart Cover), and I will forever praise you.

  3. Thanks Chris for the recommendation. I bought the Steinheil UF screeen protector and its amazing. Before buying this one, I was going through screen protectors left and right, trying to find one that does the job. The Steinheil is perfect. Thanks.

  4. See, my own experience has been the opposite. Zagg frustrated me, but the Steinheils went on with narry a fuss. All protectors reflect differently, so that will always be difficult to predict unless you see something first-hand.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I had a Zagg screen protector on my Android phone but didn’t like the resistant feel it produced — so I ended up removing it months ago. I love the feel without it and, because of my care, there aren’t any noticeable scratches on the screen.

      (I figure I would be similarly disappointed with the resistant feel of a Zagg protector upon the iPad; but I might even be disappointed with the feel of the Steinheil, too. IMO, nothing compares to the feel of the bare screen.)

      Fingerprints, however, are another story. Without the protector on my phone, I find myself constantly wiping off smudges; from your comments, it seems the problem would be even worse on the iPad.

      1. I received the Steinheil UF today. Sadly, I did not have a good experience. During the installation, the adhesive pulled away from the back of the protector–resulting in a large blotch of adhesive underneath the protector. It looks awful.

        On a positive note, the rest of the protector prevents glare and fingerprints *wonderfully*.

        I’ll contact SGP customer service on Monday to see what my options are.

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