Logitech Pro C910 Webcam Review

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The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 promises 1080p video for Mac and Windows users. However, it’s not without shortcomings as illustrated in this combination demonstration video and review of the device.

The camera is purported to provide high-definition video up to 1080p using a wide-angle lens and auto focus. Logitech feels that it delivers picture quality which is “simply amazing.” You can video chat, blog, stream and upload to Facebook with one little tiny click. The Fluid Crystal Technology gives you smooth video style with clear images, rich colors and more:

  • Image-Perfect Tuning – World-class optics, lighting compensation and image processing make your videos, video calls and photos more breathtaking.
  • Auto Everything – Automatic adjustments for brightness, contrast, color saturation, colors, focus and face tracking make high-quality video calling and recording a breeze.
  • Internet-Ready Camera – Camcorder-quality videos, digital camera-quality stills and studio-level sound make online video sharing and communications faster, easier and more beautiful.
  • Easy Full HD video recording and sharing – Keep everyone up-to-date with stunning Full HD 1080p videos in 16:9 widescreen and publish with one click.
  • Fluid HD 720p video calling – Connect with everyone you care about in smoother HD clarity and detail.
  • Crystal-clear video and brilliant photos – Smooth autofocus and the precision Carl Zeiss pro lens keep your video calls and clips rich and sharp.
  • Sleek looks for desktops and notebooks – Flat-panel design blends nicely with your setup.

As I mentioned early on in this writeup, this device is not without its flaws. The hardware is seemingly amazing, yes. It has excellent saturation and color. The auto-focus works beautifully. Yes, I recorded in 1080p. Even though it’s high resolution, the frame rates sucks.

I’ve had nothing but issues with the software Logitech has bundled with this camera. The software is a MASSIVE fail in conjunction with a fantastic piece of hardware. I don’t understand this. It doesn’t matter how great your specs are. If the software sucks nothing else matters. I don’t get why Logitech hasn’t figured this out. Recording will randomly stop for no reason at all. I had to do more than twenty takes to get to the point I am at in this video.

We should be holding everyone’s feet to the fire when they review hardware. You have to really USE these devices before you can truly say whether it’s good or not. If someone had used this device for any length of time, wouldn’t they know that the software is a piece of garbage?

Even though I’m not happy with the way things are working out on the software side of things, I’m still seriously considering purchasing a second camera to carry with me when I travel. Quite simply, the hardware is THAT good.

Have you tried one of these out for yourself? What has your experience been like?

  1. Thanks for the info — this is why manufacturers just HATE social media. I love my Logitech 9000, but was thinking of upgrading. Now I’ll be waiting until they get better software or somebody writes some.

    Whenever I build a new machine, I’m amused at the size of the install of the Logitech package just to run a freaking webcam. (Not the bloatware for photo management they offer, just the basic driver package.) You’d think it was Echelon or something.

    • I bought the c910 HD Pro from NewEgg, before I saw Chris Pirillo’s review. Based on his review, I figured it was going to be a bust. Took it out of the box, installed the software for Mac, and it runs perfectly in 1080p. It didn’t crash at all–I let it record for about 7 minutes and got bored waiting for the crash that didn’t happen.

      I’m running a MacPro 3,1 2.8 GHZ single quadcore with 2GB Ram, Snow Leopard, C910 plugged into the open USB port on the Mac Keyboard. May be Pirillo has issues with his hardware (the camera or his USB.

      • I don’t know what to tell you. The software has proven to be anything but good, and I’ve had the same issue on two separate machines. I have clipped videos to prove “it,” but you might be correct in the assertion that I have a faulty piece of hardware – which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  2. I’ve had tons of issues with this camera. I installed it on my MacBook Pro (8GB RAM) and at anything other than 480, the image swims and curtains. It’s terrible. I’ve installed it on my MacBook Air, strangely the first launch and recording the 720 was great – after relaunching it’s just the same as on the MacBook Pro. Logitech said I need to make sure it’s not in UVC mode – but, as I asked them, how do you do that? The software has NO controls. It’s lame. Waste of money.

  3. I don’t understand why such high powered video cameras are necessary even for video calls. I guess for business purposes the parties may be watching on a 102” LCD screen, but not in my world. I just want to make video calls to my friends iPhones from my home computer since my iPhone 3 doesn’t have video calling capabilities. I use my Google TV and integrated DISH Network employee service to make video calls, and also for home security in the living room. It works great but I was wanting a new camera for still pictures too.

  4. Does anyone know if they’ve upgraded the software since this review came out. I haven’t had any trouble recording, so maybe they’ve improved the software. My version is 2.25 build 13.25.1016. 

  5. I’ve just plugged one into my Mac Pro: being a UVC webcam, I have NOT installed the Logitech software. It works fine in 720p, no idea if I can try a 1080p video though. Audio is great too.

  6. Great review! I’m really thankful for social media in general, especially before buying anything at all. I have and 2010 i7 Macbook Pro with 8GB Ram (and iSight), and
    I wanted to get na HD webcam in order to video chat over Skype with may family. Is this the best choice in this case? I know that
    Skype 5.8 for Windows supports Full HD, but I’m not able to confirm this for the Mac version! Thanks!
    EDIT: I just saw that “the Mac version of the Skype client has supported full HD video since version 5.3, released back in August 2011” 🙂

  7. I wonder what computer Chris has the C910 webcam connected to? We also have a C910 and it works great. We’ve recorded several 1080p videos with no problems, and framerates have been totally smooth. We used a PC with an Intel 965 quad-core processor running at 3.2GHz and 6GB of RAM memory. Also, we recorded our 1080p videos in good lighting, sitting indoors with a large window in front of us providing plenty of daylight. Finally, we made sure to not run any programs other than Logitech’s webcam software and our usual anti-virus program (Avast free edition) while recording. When we tried recording in low light on a 3.0GHz Intel dual-core the results were rather grainy and the framerate slowed to around 10 – 15 frames per second. With good lighting the dual-core managed to record fairly smooth but not perfect. In summary, if you want smooth 1080p video be sure to use a powerful quad-core cpu and have plenty of good bright light on your subject.