How Smart is the iPad 2 Smart Cover?

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Would you be smart to buy a iPad Smart Cover? Apple designed the cover with the same brilliance they approach hardware design. The case will fold back to act as a prop when watching movies and videos. It folds up to tilt the screen when you need to type. The case was created to work with your device… the iPad will wake up when the Smart Cover opens and goes to sleep when the cover is closed. All of this sounds fantastic… but does it really stand up to the hype?

What’s interesting is that the magnets on the Smart Cover automagically home in on where they need to be when they come close to your iPad. They lock in place lickety-split. There’s no snapping, sliding or cursing involved when you add your cover like you see with other offerings on the market.

By having the cover control the sleep cycle of the iPad, you’re potentially saving on your battery life. Additionally, it can provide a thin layer of security. Let’s say you are in a coffee shop working on a top-secret presentation and a casual acquaintance walks over to say hello. Slide your Smart Cover in place and your screen won’t be seen by whomever may be nearby. You don’t have to fold your arms over the top of the screen or turn it upside-down. Just let your cover do its job and carry on your conversation.

One issue I’ve had with the Smart Cover is that it takes much more to push buttons – especially the Home button – than it does without the case in place. You have to actually grip the iPad before pressing the Home button, instead of just tapping with a finger. That isn’t really a huge deal, but it is slightly annoying. The device just isn’t as touch-responsive as it was before.

This little cover is definitely worth some money. Is it worth as much as Apple is charging? That is something only you can decide. Who am I to say how much any gadget or item is worth to you?

What are your thoughts? Have you gotten a Smart Cover yet? What are you looking forward to in the near future in terms of other cases and covers that will be released in stores?

12 thoughts on “How Smart is the iPad 2 Smart Cover?”

  1. the smart cover has an iq of 102. average. it needs a back cover for protection against dings, scratches, and blotch marks.

  2. do like the SmartCover on my Ipad2 BUT…..its’ unnerving to no have any kind of protection for the backside.

  3. The smart cover is genius, not just smart. It simply works. It is thin and has multiple uses. So I love it! As far as not covering the back this is less of an issue with the aluminum which doesn’t scratch as easily. And remember one of the points here is the cover tries not to completely hide the product. I think this will allow a whole new generation of accessories. Not just covers but other things that utilize the magnets within.

  4. I got the green one, but the thing I’m concerned about is the easily marred aluminum back. Which doesn’t do as well when competing against the keys in my purse as the amazing glass. Honestly I’m more worried about the back as I am the front. I’m thinking about getting a Zagg body cover to protect the back and using the smart cover for the front. Also I have found that rolling the smart cover backwards makes more sense. I don’t like the idea of the soft microfiber inside touching that sticky Starbucks table or whatever else I may put it on. It seems to work well and it also seems to be keeping the glass cleaner.

  5. for my iPad 2, I bought a neoprene sleeve to accompany it and the Smart Cover. I just pop the iPad 2 with the Smart Cover on in the neoprene sleeve when I’m going to put it in my bag or take it somewhere, and I just take it out when I’m using it and lay the sleeve under it if I’m going to expose the back to type on it. When I’m at home, I just lay the iPad face down on the Smart Cover, or fold it and stand it up in landscape so the iPad doesn’t touch my desk. All in all I really like it, and the additional sleeve isn’t an inconvenience at all. It’s extra protection, and it has a pocket on the front for my headphones and my Pogo Sketch stylus. I didn’t get the Smart Cover to be a full-on case, I bought it as a simple stand for my iPad that’s worked out GREAT. The addition of the neoprene sleeve is a solution that’s really worked out well and destroyed any worries I had about the Smart Cover not providing enough protection.

  6. The Smart Cover was one of the reasons I chose to upgrade to the iPad 2. I still had not found a thin cover that did what I wanted and still left the face of the iPad exposed. I bought the green one and am very happy. I also worry about scratching the back, and will look at some of the thin sheet type of covers for the back. For now I only put it down on paper or magazines to keep it looking good.

  7. now we just need one for the iTouch and iPhone. here’s something totally irrelevant to the iPad 2 smart cover. the next gen. iTouch needs to be more like the iPhone 4 in design. i honestly expected something brickier when i picked up the 4th gen. iTouch for the first time.

  8. I think it is extremely smart. And practical too. However, it must be noted that the idea is not very original. Granted, Apple enthusiasts would claim revolutionary technology if the company released a bluetooth headset for the device. But the truth of the matter is that RIM has had been using the magnetic sleep technology in its cases for almost 11 years now. Kudos to Apple for seeing a great idea and capitalizing on it. Boo for claiming it is new and original. 😐

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