My iPad Best Buy Adventure Was Not a Good One

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Today was a good one due to the fact that I was able to get my iPad 2. However, the events leading up to the device being placed in my hands were NOT so great. Earlier today, I uploaded a video discussing how I was waiting in line at Best Buy to get the new iPad. After waiting in line for several hours, I was informed that Best Buy wasn’t carrying the 3G model that I wanted.

This really upset me, as the company never bothered to tell people that they wouldn’t be carrying that model. Nothing was said about it on their website or in print ads. I am not sure that this is the fault of the store, though. The blame likely lies with Apple themselves, since no one was allowed to discuss inventory. This is doing a serious disservice to customers, though.

Had I known that this store wasn’t carrying the 3G model, I would have gone elsewhere – perhaps an AT&T store. After being disappointed at Best Buy, I walked across the parking lot to an AT&T store, only to find they were only given SIX total 3G units. Since so many people were in line ahead of me already by this point, I knew it was fruitless to join them.

I didn’t want to “settle” for a WiFi only model. The GPS capability in the 3G version alone is enough to have made me want that particular iPad. Also, if I happen to be traveling and (God forbid!) something happens to my iPhone (or it loses battery), I can easily switch over to the iPad for my online needs.

I went back to the Best Buy store to pick up the unit that had been secured for a friend. I called another friend – Reza – who I knew was waiting in line at another store. He indicated he got the iPad models he wanted and he was shocked that I wasn’t able to procure mine. He was kind enough to swap one of his iPad tickets for the 64GB black WiFi 3G model I wanted so that I could still have my device today. I’m beyond grateful to him for doing this.

This was the first product from Apple that I have ever waited in line for. I was upset with Best Buy due to not being forthcoming with information on what they would have in stock. I’m also disappointed in Apple for not allowing stores to give us this type of heads up.

While waiting in line at the original Best Buy, I finally get to the front of the line and was asked by the manager what I do. I explained about the video and live streaming, and indicated that I wanted the model they ended up not having. This made me angry, knowing that many hours of my time was wasted. They could have treated their customers better. Had I known this ahead of time, I would have spent more time in the Apple store line, knowing I would get the unit I wanted.

This isn’t the way to treat people, folks. People will remember things like this the next time they will make an impact on buying decisions.

14 thoughts on “My iPad Best Buy Adventure Was Not a Good One”

  1. i used to work for one of those stores and they and other retailers do that to draw people in and try to sell you other things… it is all part of the master plan…. the retail world is a trecherous one….

  2. Ive been waiting in line for Apple iOS devices since the iPhone 3G and i must say there has never been a time where there was no issues at all… When I got my iPhone 3g they said(at the register) there was only 3 left in ALL models, yet there must of been like 30-40 people still waiting behind? me that been there for 2 hours… its crazy

    But at the end of the day, nomatter what apple does or how made me get, we seem to do whatever we can to keep running after their products.

  3. Could’ve ordered from the Apple Store online…

    But anyway, Apple has become the masters of local artificial demand. They probably had some study about what markets to send different amounts of the 3G model to, or people may have reserved those from your Best Buy.. The weird thing is the Best Buy in Branson MO had plenty…

  4. Best Buy is becoming more and more disappointing. Three months ago, I went to a Best Buy to a Mac Book. With money in hand (cash), the first person came up..’can i help you’..i said ‘yes, I would like to buy that MacBook’,..they responded..’i can not help you, but i will get someone…15 minutes later, nothing.. second person comes up, asks, ‘can i help you?’, i again say ‘i want to buy MacBook’, they say sure and then asked ‘can I know your cell number?’, i ask why? they say because I can save you alot on your cell plan…i said, ‘tx but i am here for the Macbook’…

    Well that conversation when on for 5 minutes..until I finally said, please get me a MacBook..otherwise I will need to go to different store to purchase what i wanted to purchase…This person said, “Welll then you can leave” and repeated it.

    I asked him to get the manager…which he did not…but as I was just about the leave, a Manager asked me if he could help me…and he was great…

    What i went thru and what Chris has experienced is an ongoing problem for Best Buy…. Chris is blaming BB and Apple.. I feel is BB sale and customer support is declining and I avoid them at all cost..

  5. Cry me a river and stop Whinning Well.
    Well those comments are somewhat unecessary, to a degree anyway.

    Ya this is always the case with Apple, their not aloud to speak of inventory so it’s not best-buy’s fault. I’m not sure why the 3G GPS Is the only reason ur considering to pay more and why u need 64GB'[s but that’s beyond me lol. Say wern’t you in-line for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G as well? :O

    Oh well, You should of probably Gone to the apple store, or AT&T, verizon w/e. I Would assume the amount of 3G models available on Launch day were Very Lacky tacky.

    Suggestion Chris, Friend. Pre-order, Online, Same day delivery.
    GOOD, Game đŸ™‚ It doesn’t hurt to wait a few days either man lol.

  6. Same experience at both Best Buy stores here in Kentucky. I settled for a 64GB wifi model. Poor customer servIce!

  7. Best Buy doesn’t specialize in customer service. Remember that this is the company whose CEO considers people that wait for sales, or use rebates, to be “leeches.” Spend your money elsewhere. How else are they to get the message?

  8. That’s why I stopped doing any business with Best Buy many moons ago. Even if I happen to pop into one just to kill time I feel like I need a shower when I leave.

  9. My best buy experience is quite great actually. I went to buy a phone and right after I buy the phone I went home and the phone just got all diggity. It is not working right. NOw, I go back to best buy and asked for a replacement. I had the replacement 1 hour later.

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