The iPad 2 Cameras Suck – So What? Here’s Why.

Am I extremely disappointed that the iPad 2’s cameras appear to be as sub-par (much like the iPod touch’s)? Absolutely. Is it going to keep me from selling my iPad 1 to help fund an iPad 2 “upgrade?” No, I’ll be in line somewhere on Friday to get a Black 64GB 3G unit.

I just don’t think that the camera’s quality has anything to do with the iPad 2’s value as a “tablet computer.”

So, here are my theories as to why the iPad 2’s cameras suck:

  1. Try holding the iPad still, even with two hands, at arm’s length. It ain’t comfy, and it ain’t steady. I realize the iPad 2 is slightly lighter than the first gen, but it’s still gotta be in the ballpark of “awkward.”
  2. This is a “tablet computer” with a camera, not a camera with a “tablet computer.”
  3. The primary focus (no pun intended) for the lenses is to fuel FaceTime conversations. Given that, you really don’t need to push a massive resolution down the pike.
  4. When was the last time you complained that your notebook’s / netbook’s webcam was lacking? You likely use it for simple imaging needs, not for shooting pictures or videos – and it’s certainly not your primary digital camera option.
  5. Why spend money on slightly-better optics when you don’t need to? I’m just saying that Apple was likely to keep the price point at $500, and it knows that people are going to buy it despite camera resolution. If you could sell the same amount of devices, why spend more on hardware?
  6. A lesser-quality camera in the iPod touch has not (likely) dampened sales. Just sayin’.
  7. You gotta have a solid reason to get an iPad 3, right? Lord knows I’m ready for a better camera in the next iPhone. And, speaking of, does anybody else have an odd discoloring issue and a floating dot (pronounced more in certain photos) with the iPhone 4’s videos and photos?

I wanted to do a “top ten” list, but couldn’t get past seven points without jumping into extreme conspiratorial territory. Plus, 7 is my favorite number. Maybe you have other realistic ideas as to why Apple decided to ship the iPad 2 with lackluster imaging devices?

Or, let me guess – this is what you wanted the iPad 2 to be:

iPad 2 Release

21 thoughts on “The iPad 2 Cameras Suck – So What? Here’s Why.”

  1. I’m getting an iPad 2, the camera really isn’t a big deal for me. I mean sure it would be nice if it was 1080 or something, but to be honest I wouldn’t care if it had n camera at all. No one wants to look like a jackass taking a picture with an iPad anyways lol

  2. not gonna buy it, i used ipad 1 for a week and gave it to my sister, very enough for me my macbook pro and iphone 4.

  3. Buy it take it apart and readjust the camera settings you can add adobe photo express app it is a free app on the iphone it should be there for the ipad. Most people don’t know about the firewire trick. putting your apps in a folder and then search and find your folder with all the apps in it or your music. They make firewires in all shapes and sizes for Apple products. The tech have to use them to transfer information, so why can’t we.

  4. I didn’t really see a pressing need to get the iPad 2. Instead, I guessed the iPad 1 would be reduced in price.

    I bought my iPad from Apple’s refurbished store. I saved $150. I’m ecstatic.

  5. First, I am digging that Swiss Army Pad!

    Second, I think you are absolutely correct that these cameras were conceived as simple tools for FaceTime. Taking any real video or pics beyond that is just gravy for most. Any real pictures I want to edit/play with on the iPad will be transferred via SD camera kit from my DSLR anyway. I am only interested in video chatting and maybe a goofy profile pic now and then from the onboard cameras.

  6. I don’t think a logic in trying to hold a 9.7 inch tablet with the purpose of taking a serious shot. Guys, use your tiny super HD digital cams for this purpose. Tablets are for other things.

  7. lol, how did you know that the pic would show my dream iPad?

    I too have issues with my iPhone 4 camera. When taking photos of something white on white, I find that the center of the picture is slightly blue. I have no idea why this is the case or whether I should take it up with Apple.

  8. I agree the iPad 2 cameras are sub par by a long shot. I didn’t get the iPad 2 to be a camera, I got it for web browsing, media consumption, photo editing, FaceTime, and a few other features. That being said I tried to take a photo of my Christmas tree with it and I realized that the 3GS, a phone you can get for like a penny or something from AT&T, has a more powerful camera in it than the iPad 2. Gotta admit that’s kinda sad. I still find the iPad 2 to be a very useful tablet none the less.

  9. you are retarded. an old Sony ericsson has 8mp res and they can’t add that to a iPad. just admit American technology is behind other countries.

  10. You sir are a fucking wierdo. This topic didnt explain shit other than you going on rambling about nonsense. Wasted my time reading this. People like you are idiots. You probably are gay.

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