The Ultimate Spy Camera: Swann PenCam

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At some point in your life, I’m willing to be you’ve wanted to spy on someone. We’ve all harbored a wish to secretly watch or record what’s going on around us. Heck, I know I’ve wished on more than one occasion I had a spy camera, even if it’s likely I’d never really use the daggone thing. We all know I don’t usually leave my house all that often.

However, there are times when something such as the Swann PenCam could come in handy. Let’s say you’re an undercover police officer. It’s not very subtle to carry around a hand-held camera to record things going on around you. Slip this little ink pen in your pocket and turn the camera on. It can record up to an hour’s worth of video. Oh, and if you happen to need to scrawl your John Hancock at any point, just pull the pen out of your pocket and write. It doubles as an actual ink pen!

The video quality in well-lit rooms isn’t half bad. The audio leaves something to be desired when compared with “professional” grade cameras. However, this wasn’t designed to record important gadget reviews or something, y’all. The PenCam is a perfect solution when you need something portable, easy-to-use and perhaps even covert.

Inside the pen, you’ll find a 2GB USB stick that can be plugged straight into your computer for easy back-up. You can also use that USB port to recharge the pen’s battery, giving it about ninety minutes of life before needing to charge again.

The PenCam records AVI video files. Once backed up, you can upload the videos to all of your favorite websites, such as YouTube, Facebook or even (eeep!) MySpace. The size and weight of this handy little gadget makes it perfect for mystery shoppers, law enforcement officials, sales people and even lawyers.

If you ever wondered what I do when I’m not in my office, you now know! I wander around my house talking to myself, vaccum up dog hair and stare at my Windows computer to make sure that the service packs download properly.

  1. That still doesn’t solve my problem.

    We have a house keeper that takes stuff. My wife likes her, so she ignores what I tell her.

    The problem is we leave 3 hours before she leaves. All cameras are good for only an hour. Somehow if I could record her during the last hour, I could show my wife her filling her backpack.

    She always comes in the house with her backpack. And I think the only reason she brings it in the house from her car is to put stuff in. She’s allowed to eat our food, so there’s no necessity to bring her own.

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