Are You Printing from the Google Cloud?

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All documents go to Heaven. In some instances, they head to the Cloud, instead. Google Cloud Print allows you to print to your printer of choice from any computer or smartphone – no matter where you happen to be. Simply activate the service connector within Google Chrome and your printer is automagically available to you from all Google Cloud Print enabled web and mobile apps.

This service is completely free. When running this for the first time, I was seriously impressed. It only takes a matter of seconds to send a job to the printer that I chose on my home network. I couldn’t believe how simple it truly was – and how seamlessly it worked.

You will need a Windows PC and one of the latest builds of Google Chrome in order to use the Cloud Print. This is the best implementation of network printing that I have seen in my entire life. One of the coolest features of the service is what happens to your document if your host computer or printer aren’t online at the time you choose to print from another device. The document job will wait patiently in the print queue – right in the Cloud. Your printer will download and print the job normally as soon as it it turned on.

You can connect as many printers as you wish to Google Cloud Print. If you accidentally delete any of them, it’s simple to re-add them the next time you log in. All print jobs are submitted over https, making them only available to you and the printer they are sent to.

Google keeps copies of the actual document only until they have finished printing. This is done to make sure that the job is actually completed. Once the job is complete, the document is deleted from Google’s servers – mostly. The company does keep information about print jobs such as the job title, the printer it was sent to and the printer status as a record. This is done in conjunction with your Google account id to allow you to view and edit your print history through the Cloud Print dashboard. The actual document contents are not saved.

Are you printing from the Google Cloud yet? How has your experience been with the service?

5 thoughts on “Are You Printing from the Google Cloud?”

  1. I’m not going anywhere near the cloud. There’s way too much of an effort to make public, your private info.
    I can’t figure out seamonkey.The browser’s been around for years and still has the same problem that makes it unusable. Something about a log on time delay failure. Every other browser works, but this one retains it’s original flaw. Efforts to fix the problem yourself results in a threatening message. Warranty violation, etc.

  2. lovely idea but quite a few blogs say it cannot be done from win 7 64 bit. Certainly for me it does not work on a modern machine all updated etcThe icon for cloud in the under the hood area of chrome does not respond…. bit like Microsoft sometimes but at least no BSOD!!??

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