Can Apple Survive Without Steve Jobs?

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Over on the Lockergnome Q&A site, someone recently asked if Apple would die without Steve Jobs. What a timely discussion to be having, in light of the news spreading today about his health. There is no doubt that Jobs was instrumental in building the company into what it is today. But that doesn’t mean it will shrivel up and die without him.

Apple has been based on Steve’s eye for product for many years. I don’t think the company will go to hell in a handbasket though. I’d like to believe he’s imparted enough insight and foresight to his employees that the company will carry on just fine. It won’t be the same, no. If Apple doesn’t maintain its course in the way it does things, it will slip into obscurity.

Some people like to claim Apple is “dead” anyway. They’ll tout “Windows this” or “Android that.” I don’t know that Apple has ever tried to be some mythical “number one” at anything, though. Let’s take a look at money made just from handsets alone. That number – for Apple – is so high, my hand went off the screen during the video. As an operating system, Android could be “number one.” But they aren’t making as much money as Apple is.

For me, it’s about having the best-working device and experience possible. I wasn’t an Apple fan up until just a couple of years ago. I shifted when Apple began to shift. It’s about quality and elegance. That’s something that isn’t rivaled by any other company. Everyone else is just a kluge. I’m saying that with all due respect, but no one has the style that Apple is throwing out the door every day.

Apple has a fine attention to detail. That’s what makes them the power company they are. The hope is that the same attention to detail has permeated every employee. The company will succeed just fine without Steve Jobs. Does that mean we won’t mourn his loss? Of course not. He’s a leader… a visionary. But he’s not the only person who possesses those qualities.

One thought on “Can Apple Survive Without Steve Jobs?”

  1. well the main thing is commodity pricing.. & apple’s internal process.

    the component pricing and overall manufacturing cost would get so high that’ll starting to upset foxconn…using different supplier would only drive up the TCO (total cost of ownership) per model of device..

    2. Time to market (TOM) would be significantly hit without steve…because every other manufacturer is following apple furiously.

    If, without steve (the real – call the shot guy), the process in the company slowed down even just a little bit..would likely result in a big slow down in the design/manufacturing/distribution cycle..

    hence Apple could not be the fastest in the TOM, when other manufacturers catch up with newer devices & marketing…apple’ll find itself losing market share in exponential rate and coupled with share price drop..

    The future would be very very bleak..simply because they have too many enemies..& copy cats..

    Some people say App store and iTune store will bring it more and more success, I doubt, Android would soon catch up..
    as well as windows phone 7…

    Just like the old saying: Good things don’t last, good time certainly won’t last..

    Steve IS the biggest success in Apple, but it’s also the biggest failure in Apple… mark my word…

    Every company needs a emotional daddy figure. and apple lacked one right now…at least it lacked on to the public..

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