Lock Your Screen in OS X

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Matt Ryan of The Frugal Geek blog on Lockergnome shows you how to lock your Mac OS X Screen using a password protected screen saver.

From the Desktop & Screen Saver settings in Mac OS X, be sure you have turned on a screen saver. You then configure a hot spot on your screen to activate the screen saver when you move the cursor to that location. Configure the password for your Mac OS X user account. From the Security System Preferences page, check the box to require your password be entered when screen saver is activated.

2 thoughts on “Lock Your Screen in OS X”

  1. Alternative: In Finder, navigate to Applications/Utilities and launch Keychain Access. Click the Keychain Access menu and select Preferences. Check the box for Show Status in Menu Bar. This adds a little padlock icon to the Finder menu bar. Click it and select Lock Screen from its drop-down menu.

  2. Nice screencast.

    An additional thing you can do is open Keychain Access (/Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access.app) and in Keychain Access > Preferences, tick the “Show Status in Menu Bar” checkbox. That puts a padlock icon in your menu bar from which you can click the icon and choose “Lock Screen”.

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