How to Find Sound Effects Online

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Soundsnap. All opinions are 100% mine.

No great action movie, television series, or catchy commercial is complete without stellar sound effects. A cliffhanger moment in a box office blockbuster is often guided by the soundtrack – without it, dialogue lacks the empathy and emotion that is often dictated by the music in the movie. So how can you produce this same cinematic quality at the office or home?

With sound effects, professionals and hobbyists alike can access over over 120,000 premium sound effects and loops from an online audio library to add to their own productions. These premium sound effects are produced from the sound designers of Batman Begins, Million Dollar Baby, Ali, Happy Feet, Star Trek, The Addams Family, Tron, The Hunt for Red October, and more. Users can buy packages of sounds, or subscribe to an annual package for unlimited access to sounds and loops. These options are great and cater to users with a wide range of needs, whether you are a student working on the occasional school project or a professional video blogger. All contents are licensed and screened to ensure there are no copyright violations so that they can be used by any Soundsnap user.

Soundsnap is designed mainly for sound designers/recordists and music producers, filmmakers, bloggers, and video game developers. The Soundsnap library includes animal, human, and environmental sounds, as well as unnatural special effects useful for professional edits. Soundsnap can also be used by hobbyists for home videos and anyone else who needs sound effects for projects, such as students. Soundsnap’s diverse collection is easy to search regardless of a project’s needs, as results are descriptively titled. For example, a search for “sad” returns sounds and loops that would be appropriate for anyone hoping to do the next adaption of a Nicholas Sparks book.

Soundsnap was started by Tasos Frantzolas, a sound designer from Athens, Greece without any venture funding or other financial backing. Although a small team of 20 people was at the core of the community and collected the original 30,000 sounds to offer to the public, the main power behind Soundsnap is the worldwide community that contributes to its ever-growing collection. Check out Soundsnap at sound effects.