10 thoughts on “Flickr Accidentally Deleted 4,000 Photos”

  1. I’ve had a flickr pro account for more than 2 years and would not be happy if flickr did this to me… you would think flickr would have multiple back-up servers?

  2. I’ve had terrible experiences with Flickr support, I had the same thing happen to me :/ They just delete accounts with no warning.

    Can’t say I’d be sorry to see someone else usurp Flickr as the place for photographers to share their photos.

  3. Whats worse, you would think that they have some kind of redundancy failsafe, like a “keep-that-data-for-a-month-in-a-safe-place-in-case-we-made-a-boo-boo-and-might-get-sued-and-after-that-month-delete-it-for-good” -mechanism, or sumtin’… ya know…

  4. I’ve also found Flickr support to be inadequate/non-existant. Given their lack of any real attention to detail (or customer concerns), I’m surprised things like this don’t happen more often (or perhaps we just don’t hear about it).

    Be careful though… I have been VERY vocal and critical of Flickr and their support staff, and written some strongly worded emails. While they’ve never responded, I notice that none of my pics have made Explore since.

  5. This is BS. Flickr should have some sort of “backup” servers/images where they should be able to restore those photos I would think.

    I would have given the guy a lifetime subscription to Pro…NOT “4 years”…that’s like saying “here’s $100, now go home”.

    Granted, the guy apologizing does at least sound legit, and honestly sorry, but again, what can he do from a “corporate decision” standpoint…probably nothing at all.

  6. Thing is, this is what happens to you if you complain at Flickr. They don’t like having to actually do work. That’s pretty obvious from the fact that after over five years of losing people’s photos like this, they still fail to back up anything. The founder even lost all his stuff at that cluster-f of a social network gone wrong. What’s funny about those slackers at Yahoo’s Flickr is that they think they can pull off hosting a porn site, while pretending it’s a family friendly place for your kids’ photos. That may be fine for the average user that wacks off at work, but not so good for an advertising platform, as it turns out. You see, major corporations and small businesses alike have an issue with their ads being surreptitiously placed onto hardcore pornographic web pages without being told about that. Yahoo’s Flickr can play this game of hide-the-porn while tricking the general public into trusting them. But those lies don’t really fly in the advertising world on which Yahoo depends. Everyday, several people get deleted from Yahoo’s Flickr as that company desperately attempts to make their porn site not really appear to be one on the surface. The copyright infringement is the same thing on a smaller scale. They count on people stealing your content, that’s why they tricked you into placing it all online in an easily accessible catalog of stock images from trusting idiots. Make any kind complaint about the way they are doing anything, and you’re booted out mercilessly. That’s just the way it goes and Yahoo doesn’t care one bit how you feel, because they obviously do whatever they want to. They have the government in their pocket and free reign to push porn into grade schools unlabeled, give your photos away for free to anyone that wants them without liability, and harbor countless sexual predators, pedophiles, and registered sex offenders, whom they cloak so they can be right next to your children without anyone being suspicious. Can’t really see anything worthwhile about that website, or Yahoo in general. It’s all lies from them, and everyone eats it up with a clueless smile.

  7. its ridiculous.flikr musn’t do like that, say 10-15 is ok but 4000 photos is massive.

    flikr ,be careful in the future.sorry for the guy who lost it.

  8. You should sue them, if it was there stuff they would sue you, if you think they wouldn’t your kidding yourself. Imagine if you was at work and they broke somethign of yours, oh were sorry, break something of theirs there ready to fire you and expecrt you to pay for damages thats on a good day. Specially knowing your stuff got deleted that anyone free to say its theirs. If this guy sued, he could get ore than just some free service. Imagine if this was say deviant art or something, they like other photo sites would probably blame you first before taking any real responsibility, ask anyone thats ever had a free or paid account, Rather you pay for it or get it free you shouldn’t have it where companies can say sorry “if they dont blame you first for it even when this there fault” but if it was you or I, they throw the book at you. Not just photo sites either, pretty much most other servies to. Suing someone isnt the way i ask more than a sorry, and few years of service. But thats just me.

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