Mozy Getting Rid of Unlimited Backup Plans

For those of you who have long enjoyed having an unlimited amount of space within your Mozy account to back up your data are about to cry on your keyboard. As soon as your current subscription runs out, there will be no more “unlimited” plans to choose from. Instead, Mozy will start charging nearly six bucks each month for up to 50GB of data. If you need more space, you will have to pay another two dollars per month per 20GB. If you have more than one machine to back up, you can choose the new multi-machine option: $9.99 per month for up to 125GB and three computers.

“There has been a change in consumer behavior,” said Russ Stockdale, Mozy’s vice president of product management. “What we have seen since we launched an unlimited service five years ago is there has been an explosion in digital content, specifically digital photos and video.” Many customers store many MANY Gigabytes’ worth of videos and photos on their machines – and on Mozy’s servers.

If you’re a Mozy customer, what’s your reaction? Do you plan to stick with the company or start shopping around for something new?

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9 thoughts on “Mozy Getting Rid of Unlimited Backup Plans”

  1. I just dropped Mozy. I use dropbox, less intrusive, hell of a lot quicker, and easy to shut off. For my static back ups I use Amazon, all so quick.

  2. Mozy is good fine but they seem to have increased the prices.I just realised that and this made me so sad.I’m to switch to Safecopy backup.

  3. A friend just apprised me of this change. I’m going to have to look into this a little more this evening when I get home, but, if it’s true, Mozy is more than likely going to lose a customer in me. For me, $5/month is a palatable price point for an unlimited off-site backup insurance policy, and I’ve been totally fine with paying that for the past couple years that I’ve been a Mozy customer — and thankfully I’ve never had to use their services for recovery purposes. As it stands at the time of me writing this, I feel like I’m being subjected to a recent Mozy policy that states, “hey, let’s just increase the price for all of our customers (especially those really valued ones who quietly and automatically pay their annual subscriptions) and keep our fingers crossed that there’s no backlash.”

    And what’s worse, I just went through all of my emails from Mozy and I have not received anything from them making mention of a product offering structure change or price increase.

  4. Bye, bye, Mozy! Just sent them a notice to cancel my account. Now, I´ll search for an alternative, and, if I can´t find one, I´ll use an old-fashioned occasional copy to an archival disk for Disaster Recovery.

  5. This is terrible considering the hard drives we’re backing up have gotten larger. I use mine to backup music, videos, software discs, everything. I trusted Mozy and their BOMBARDMENT of ads about “unlimited” service — and have been faithfully trusting that they’d have my back. Now, I feel used and cheap. Based on my usage I think my renewal would be closer to $300!! No way!

  6. Just got the email today that Mozy is canceling unlimited accounts and raising the prices. They just lost another customer. Maybe thats what they want. Good luck Mozy, BYE

  7. Bye bye Mozy, I have moved to Livedrive. Is only £29.90pa (for existing Mozy customers) and you have unlimited backup space and can use it on unlimited computers. Should have moved ages ago instead of sticking with Mozy as all of my kids computers and laptops are now backed up too.

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