How Do You Protect Your Computer?

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Recently, someone over on Lockergnome asked if a router can be used as a hardware-based firewall. The short answer to this is – YES! Your best bet is to always use layers of security, though. A hardware-based firewall – such as a router – should be used in conjunction with a software firewall solution and an anti-virus program.

Most routers have features built in to them to help you lock down your home network and keep it safe. The router is your first line of defense. Even if you aren’t connecting other devices to it, it will afford you certain security measures you wouldn’t otherwise have.

There are some routers out there that come pre-loaded with software to give you even more control. If you feel you need something highly configurable, you can grab one of these as your router choice.

What type of router are you using? If you’re not already using one, will knowing they can help keep you secure cause you to start?