Facebook Releasing Public Commenting System

According to CNET, Facebook is set to unleash a new public commenting system in just a few weeks. This system is said to be set to roll out on some “major blogs and sites” as soon as it is officially ready. The same system is already being used on Facebook’s own blog, and it looks mighty nice.

Looking at the actual comment system on their blog, you can see how elegant it looks. You can post as yourself, or as a Page. If you hover over a person’s name, you will see how many comments they’ve left and what their “Like” percentage is. It’s unclear right now if these Like percentages are made up only of actual Likes, or if it’s a combination of Likes and how many times someone pushed the big red X in the comment.

An official (yet short) announcement out of the Facebook camp has very little to say:

Based on feedback from developers about ways to improve our existing comments plugin, we’re testing an updated plugin that leverages authenticity and social relevancy to increase distribution. We’re testing the plugin on our Facebook Blog and Developer Blog but have no further details to share at this time.

Note the words “authenticity” and “social relevancy.” For public sites and blogs who implement this commenting system, people are held more accountable. You will be leaving your pithy little messages under your actual name – the one you registered with on Facebook. No more hiding behind the handles “anonymous poster” or “concerned citizen” when leaving a trolling missive.

I see this as a fantastic step in a good direction. Other comment systems – such as Disqus – are likely not as optimistic, though.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Releasing Public Commenting System”

  1. I found the actual comments on the new Facebook profiles in that screenshot really hilarious.

    Anyway this is a nice improvement. At first I thought they were releasing a whole new system, and abandoning their current comments plugin. You cleared up that they’re only updating the current one, thanks.

  2. In your more experienced opinion, does this look like it will immediately be available to all site owners or just big companies? Or does the “major blogs and sites” comment just mean we’ll start seeing it more? The current comment box has been a nightmare to implement (been working every waking hour for the last 4 days) and there is a major unpreventable bug that redirects all IE users to a blank page which also affects SEO by creating duplicate pages!

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