Android Takes Over as Leading Smartphone Platform

According to new research by Canalys, Google’s Android platform has taken over the top smartphone platform spot from Symbian in the last quarter of 2010. Global sales of Android phones during this time period was 33.3 million. This is in comparison to Symbian’s 31 million. Apple came in at third place with 16.2 million iOS smartphones shipped, followed by RIM with 14.6 million and Microsoft with 3.1 million.

Android is being used by manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Acer and HTC. All of these companies has seen excellent sales results with devices based on this platform. Is it fair, though, to compare something like Android to iOS? Apple’s operating system only appears on one smartphone, whereas Android shows up in more devices than we can count. In light of that, I’d say that the iOS numbers are nothing to sneeze at.

The change at the top doesn’t come as much of a shock. Nokia reported not long ago that they are having weak sales. The company claims this is a result of their struggles to transform the Symbian platform into something that can truly compete with iOS and Android.

Which smartphone platform are you using? What do you love about it?

4 thoughts on “Android Takes Over as Leading Smartphone Platform”

  1. Well those numbers are skewed because Android can go on any phone so its not that Android has more sales its that more phones have Android. Apple still rules because only Apple phones have the Apple iOS

  2. __TODAY__ I switch from RIM/BB to Android. My phone is on the UPS truck for delivery.

    (YAY!! YAY!! YAY!!)

  3. I’m using a g2. I love android I just wish it wasn’t abused by so many devices so that way if it was more exclusive there wouldn’t be so many version and so many different hardware specs and then posibly the OS would be more refined and you wouldn’t have to hope that your phone gets the new update or not.

  4. My wife and I got HTC Evos in November and love them. I wanted a smartphone to upgrade from my old Palm PDA while my wife just wanted a phone–I talked her into the EVO along with me and now you rarely find her not on it as she has replaced her aging iBook with it for all that she wanted to do.

    We briefly looked at the iPhone and even more briefly at the Blackberries but went with the Android platform because it seemed more versatile and less proprietary then the Apple experience (although if money were no object I would have both just for the fun of it along with an iPad and an Android tablet AND a NOOKcolor to complement my Nook!).

    While the Android OS certainly has its own idiosyncrasies we are happy with our purchase and communicate even more which makes for a happy marriage in all senses of the word!

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